‘The Last King’ revived the accusations of sexual abuse against Vicente Fernández

In recent weeks the name of Vicente Fernandez has been tainted by the controversy and the scandal that revolves around a series.

The controversial series “The Last King: the son of the people“He had no restraint in telling the darkest in the life of the well-known singer.

So much so that the chapters narrate Chente’s alleged infidelity with Isabel Soto, as well as the possible allegations of sexual abuse that came out in his name.

The accusations of sexual abuse against Vicente Fernández

The accusations of sexual abuse against Vicente Fernández Who is Lupita Castro?

The second season of the series El Último Rey, El Hijo del Pueblo, continues the controversy surrounding the ‘Chente’ scandals.

During the series they resume an interview that the interpreter granted to an actress, doing a memory exercise around the women who had been part of his life.

What is striking is thatChente‘ referred to one woman specifically as “the victim”.

Specifically, said woman is about Lupita Castroa singer from the Charro de Huentitán musical team and who pointed him out in the past for alleged sexual abuse when she was still a minor.

As narrated by Olga Wornatauthor of the book, the events occurred when the singer was 17 years old, while Vicente was 20 years older than her.

Who is Lupita Castro?

Who is Lupita Castro?

Currently, Lupita Castro has more than 20 years of experience in the field of entertainment in Mexico, where she also worked as an actress.

Among his filmography, he shared credits with Mario Almada, Roberto Guzmán, Marga López, Fernando Almada, as well as Mercedes Castro, sister of the same

what happened between Lupita Castro and Vicente Fernandez never reached an official resolution, because the singer always denied the facts and used his influences to cover the scandal.

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