The last living video of the singer Marília Mendonça shows her below and inside the plane in which she crashed

Via Instagram singer Marília Mendonça He shared with his audience a video in which he indicated how tired his weekend would be, due to the work commitments he had. And it is that in a few hours they would have a musical presentation, which never came. In this video you can see him walking with a suitcase and guitar in hand towards the plane, in which he lost his life. He was 26 years old.

The fall of the plane also caused the death of the other four occupants who accompanied him: his producer Henrique Ribeiro, his uncle and advisor Abicieli Silveira, as well as the pilot and co-pilot of the plane, as reported by EFE. It has also been reported that the open investigation into the reasons for the plane crash shows that the plane collided with some high-tension cables before hitting the ground, just two kilometers from the runway.

The information obtained by the aforementioned news agency also states that according to the released images, the aircraft, a Beech Aircraft model and which had all the papers in order, according to the Brazilian authorities, fell on an area difficult to access for the equipment of rescue by the rugged terrain and the water that descended at high speed.

Photo provided that shows the place of the aircraft accident where Marília Mendonça, one of the most recognized singers and composers on the Brazilian music scene, died this Friday in Caratinga. / EFE.

Famous like Kobe Bryant, Jenni Rivera, Felipe Camiroaga, Aaliyah, Pedro Infante and John F. Kennedy Jr. are some of those who have died because the planes or helicopters, in which they travel crashed.

His audience says goodbye today to his remains

Today the wake was held for the remains of Marília Mendonça and her uncle Abicieli Silveira Dias Filho. Fans, family and friends have attended the Goiânia Arena gym, in Goiânia, Brazil, where his remains are being veiled. The 26-year-old artist and four other people died in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

This weekend he held the wake for the remains of the singer Marília Mendonça. / Weimer Carvalho / EFE

Hundreds, probably thousands of fans have come to the wake area to say their last goodbye and pay tribute to the 26-year-old singer. The EFE agency has shared some of the images.

Fans, family and friends attend the wake of the singer Marília Mendonça. / Weimer Carvalho / EFE

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