The list of the best and worst beers in America

Today there are all kinds of alcohol proposals, for all tastes and budgets. And without a doubt one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages by Americans: it’s beer. According to the experts, beer can be integrated into a balanced diet, the important thing is to learn to select the healthiest variants and of course practice moderation. That is why we gave ourselves to the task of research the most popular beers in the United States, based on their calorie intake and carbohydrate content: the two main nutritional factors that come into play when analyzing alcohol.

The truth is that by now everything has been said about the effects of alcohol consumption on the body, in such a way that both positive and negative aspects have been talked about. On the beneficial side, there are some scientific studies that indicate that one drink a day can help protect against strokes, coronary artery disease, dementia and other conditions. In fact, some references suggest that drinking in moderation can actually help deflate your beer belly, and there are even healthy beers that are frowned upon to drink on a diet. Yes, there are many low calorie beers out there. And hopefully today you will meet the most recommended.

According to a study of 8,000 people, led by researchers from Texas Tech University, they determined that those who drank a daily drink were 54% less likely to have a weight problem than abstainers. Between one and two drinks a day translates into a 41% risk reduction. But that’s where the trend ends. According to the study, it is a fact that the consumption of three or more drinks daily increases the risk of obesity. So if you can limit yourself to one or two drinks a day (not every day), you can easily reap the health benefits without too many additional calories, as long as you choose your beer wisely. Take note!

1. Bud Light Straw-Ber-Rita

Nutritional value in 1 can: 198 calories, 23.6g carbs, 8% ABV

According to information released by the Brewers Association, although overall sales fell in 2020, the American beer market was still valued at more than $ 94 billion last year. However, at this point we are not at all sure that the world needs this particular concoction. This variant of beer is a feast of sugar per cup and of course it is the richest in calories: provides 200 calories for a small 8-ounce serving. And well, let’s be honest, the mix between strawberry margarita and beer sounds unappealing.

2. Guinness Extra Stout

Nutritional value in 1 bottle: 176 calories, 14 g carbs, 5.6% ABV

This beer is simply packed with extra calories. So if you love this style go for Guinness Draft, it is much lighter in calories and carbohydrates.

3. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Nutritional value in 1 can: 175 calories, 16.9g carbs, 5.6% ABV

Even older than Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale was first released in 1981 And ever since then it has been a standard bearer for American hoppy beers. Beer Connoisseur calls this 40-year-old classic “complex” and “refreshingly bold” with a rating of 92 out of 100 points. Although its flavor is a classic, it would be better to save it for special occasions as Its calorie content per can is the second highest on the list.

4. Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Nutritional value in 1 bottle: 175 calories, 18g carbs, 5.0% ABV

Samuel Adams Boston Lager is such a popular beer that most people just assume it is the name of the brewery, however it is a beer produced by The Boston Beer Company. It is one of the oldest brands in the United States, sold for the first time in 1985, years before craft beers became fashionable, it is still a highly respected beer and can be found on any street corner. However, they are heavy and quite caloric beers, if you love the brand, bet on its light option.

5. Blue Moon Belgian White

Nutritional value in 1 bottle: 164 calories, 13g carbs, 5.4% ABV

Blue Moon is a Belgian-style wheat beer, which peculiarly for years it posed as an American craft beer. But, it is and always has been made by a giant company: first, Molson Coors, and now, MillerCoors. Many have classified it as too sweet and cloying a beer. Also, if you add up the calorie count of a couple of cans it can be quite high especially when you are trying to take care of the line.

6. Bass ale

Nutritional value in 1 bottle: : 156 calories, 12g carbs, 5.1% ABV

Clearer impossible: By drinking two of these beers, you are consuming more calories than a donut filled with Dunkin Donuts jam. There really are much lower calorie options.

7. Dos Equis

Nutritional value in 1 bottle: 131 calories, 11g carbs, 4.2% ABV

One of the most famous beers in Mexico is Dos EquisAlthough it is distinguished by its great taste, it is not one of the lighter alternatives. Especially when you multiply them and add the calories of any meal.

8. Extra crown

Nutritional value in 1 bottle: 148 calories, 13.9g carbs, 4.6% ABV

Extra what? Extra flavor? Extra soft? Or are they extra calories? The reality is that it is best not to be fooled by its “light” taste. While it’s undeniable that it’s refreshing when served very cold with that iconic lime wedge, Corona Extra, the sixth best-selling beer in the United States through USA Today, it is not a healthy option. Additionally, beer is often spoiled due to the high UV exposure allowed by its clear bottles, resulting in that distinctly unpleasant “skunk” taste.

9. Coors

Nutritional value in 1 can: 147 calories, 11.7 g carbs, 5.0% ABV

Coors beer is a classic of classics, bet on indulging yourself by having one, maybe two. After all, there is no way around it: It is delicious and if you consume it repeatedly, you will end up with a few extra pounds.

10. Budweiser

Nutritional value in 1 bottle: 145 calories, 10.6g carbs, 5.0% ABV

Budweiser is America’s best-selling “undiluted” beer and has been for many years. According to Rate Beer, it has been brewed almost in its present form since 1876, so while it may not be masterful brewing work, it is certainly reliable. Without a doubt, It is one of the most widely consumed beers in American homes The bad? It has a little more calories than we would like to see.

11. Special model

Nutritional value in 1 bottle: 144 calories, 13.7g carbs, 4.4% ABV

This pale lager isn’t the worst in the fridge, and it’s one of the most traditional variants in Mexico. However, when analyzing its carbohydrate content and caloric intake, Without a doubt there are other much lighter variants to choose from.

12. Heineken

Nutritional value in 1 can: 142 calories, 11 g carbs, 5.0% ABV

The quality of certain beers is related to their place of origin, so if you drink a Heineken lager in the Netherlands, which is where it is made: it will taste quite good. Yes, you drink it in the United States, it is important to make sure that the beer is new and it does not tend to respond well to storage. This beer doesn’t age or travel well, which is ironic for a major export product.

13. Busch

Nutritional value in 1 bottle: 114 calories, 6.9g carbs, 4.3% ABV

When it was introduced in 1955, this beer was called Busch Bavarian Beer, a name used for two decades. Now, according to USA Today: It is the number 10 best-selling beer in the United States. For those looking for an American-style lager that isn’t too calorie-heavy, the reality is that opening a can of Bush is a good bet.

14. Bud Light

Nutritional value in 1 bottle: 110 calories, 6.6 g carbs, 4.2% ABV

It could be argued endlessly if Bud Light or Coors Light have more or better flavor, honestly it is an eternal discussion between lovers of each brand. But you can’t argue against one thing; the numbers, according to USA Today: Bud Light is the best-selling beer in America today.

15. Coors Light

Nutritional value in 1 bottle: 102 calories, 5g carbs, 4.2% ABV

Coors Light is America’s # 2 Best-Selling Beer and, it stands out for being a safe, pleasant and refreshing option. Plus, it’s a legitimately low-calorie beer, with only 102 calories per 12-ounce serving, which makes it competitive with the best light beers. A good option to enjoy a beer without adding too much to the calories.

16. Busch Light

Nutritional value in 1 bottle: 95 calories, 3.2g carbs, 4.1% ABV

The light variant of Bush is among the best options on the list, not only because it is quite low in calories, it is light, crunchy and refreshing! Without a doubt one of the best alternatives you can find, By drinking two bottles you will have less than 200 calories and a lot of flavor.

17. Natural light

Nutritional value in 1 can: 95 calories, 3.2g carbs, 4.2% ABV

Natural Light is America’s # 8 Best-Selling Beer. It is a low-cost Anheuser-Busch InBev beer made with reduced-quality ingredients. Best of all, it’s easy to drink and mix. Many remember it with their college days and without a doubt this classic is a great option because of its low calorie intake.

18. Michelob Ultra

Nutritional value in 1 bottle: 95 calories, 2.6 g carbs, 4.2% ABV

In the last few months the popularity of Michelob Ultra beer has grown like foam, and the reality is that many of us wonder if it is good. In terms of nutrition, the answer is “Yes!” Michelob Ultra is a brand that has been associated with running, cycling, and leading an active and healthy lifestyle. It is the number one beer on this list, as it is the best alternative to integrate into a diet. It is worth mentioning that it is the lowest carbohydrate variant available.

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