The love between Cynthia Klitbo and Juan Vidal is over

Cynthia Klitbo announced her love break with Juan Vidal (Photo: Instagram/@juanvidalgil)

Cynthia Klitbo He lamented through his social networks his breakup with whom was her boyfriend John Vidal. He assured that the relationship came to an end in good terms and now they will keep her in a friendship.

Klitbo, with a publication on his Instagram account, announced this Friday, February 25, that he ended his courtship with the actor and model Juan Vidal, with whom he had six month romance. Also, he announced that he will not make any more statements about it.

“It is very sad for me to make public knowledge that Juan Vidal and a servant have decided to maintain friendship and end our sentimental relationship… With deep peace and best wishes for the future, we will be friends for life… I will be grateful your understanding and respect, as this is the only statement I will make on the subject”

For his part, the Dominican made no comment about the breakup, on the contrary, he has used his social networks as he usually does and without mentioning his now ex-girlfriend.

Cynthia KlitboJuan Vidal
With this image, the actress announced the end of the relationship (Photo: Instagram/@laklitbocynthia)

Vidal and Klitbo have known each other for more than 20 years and have worked together on television for the telenovela love came. As the actress commented when she confirmed her courtship, the friendship had been born from the beginning, but when she arrived in Peru for work reasons, it was when decided to take a chance in love.

The histrionics moved to Peru in November 2020, it was then that she would have met Juan again, since they were both hired to work in this country.

Cynthia and I have liked each other for a long time.. She has been in my life for more than 23 years, she is a great friend and a woman that I have always loved and adored. We are given this romance in Peru and welcome. We are beginning to agree on many aspects of life and it is a process that one goes through, but we are doing quite well, “explained Vidal for TV and novels.

Juan Vidal and Cynthia Klitbo Photo: Instagram/@juanvidalgil
Juan Vidal and Cynthia Klitbo began their romance in August and made it known in September (Photo: Instagram/@juanvidalgil)

The model revealed that at first they did not want to make their relationship public, because they did not want to lose their privacy. However, they announced the courtship so as not to hide the great love and respect they had for each other.

One of the ex-partner’s confessions that attracted the most public attention was when he said that he wanted to start a family with his girlfriend, he would even have talked about resort to adoption. However, they were still molding to each other.

It was also surprising that actress assured that from before “he already liked Juan Vidal”. In an interview he stated that they had already tried to start a relationship But it does not work. “He was 21 years old and I was 31, we liked each other since we met and now we are very much in love, I hope this lasts for many years.”

cynthia and juan vidal
The couple confessed that they intended to adopt a child (Photo: Instagram/@laklitbocynthia)

On April 16, Cynthia Klitbo shared on her Instagram account a similar statement to this afternoon, when she announced that she had ended her relationship with Luis Alberto Ordazbetter known as King Grupero.

“Unfortunately love did not reach us, it was impossible to integrate our goals of life and happiness. However, our friendship is intact, “wrote the actress.

King Grupero and Klitbo had a six-month romance, even in which they had to face several controversies, since Alfredo Adamewho maintains a very bad relationship with the youtuberwould have uncovered several details of the courtship.

Ordaz on several occasions pointed out that the culprit of the breakup was Adame and assured that he regretted the romance ending in that way, since the actress would have formed several prejudices with her partner due to the presenter’s accusations.


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