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Video Emma Coronel dancing. Emma Coronel, wife of Chapo Guzmán, was caught dancing with some friends in a nightclub … although the moment could be recorded in 2019, days after the sentence to the Mexican capo’s wife was known, the images became viral, Just as they did when they emerged after the conviction of Joaquín Guzmán in 2020 was known, generating all kinds of criticism from those who say that at that time the Mexican-American did not express any kind of regret for the fate of her husband.

However, as has transpired in several interviews, Emma Coronel has stated that despite the “pain of not being with her husband anymore”, she tries to lead a normal life like her family, in her attempt because the whole situation with Him Chapo Guzmán did not affect him in a great way. The video has now resurfaced after the harsh sentence the woman received was announced in a US court last week.

The likes of Emma Coronel come to light

PHOTO: YouTube

In the video that circulates on the YouTube platform, you can see how Emma liked to live a life full of luxury, since she enjoyed expensive activities such as the shooting range; In the same way, the luxurious way in which he celebrated the birthdays of his two daughters is observed, with a huge cake and a giant castle with the theme of Barbie.

To verify the identity of Emma Coronel, Mexican media compared the clothes Coronel was wearing in the video with an image from her Instagram account in which she wears the same blouse. Chapo’s wife was harshly criticized for apparently not being aware of what was happening with her husband at the time. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO.

The harsh sentence and the video Emma Coronel dancing

Video Emma Coronel dancing
Photo: Instagram

This Tuesday, the trial of Emma Coronel Aispuro, wife of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, better known as El Chapo Guzmán, who was the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, one of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations in the world, was held. The United States Department of Justice requested four years in prison for Coronel, who pleaded guilty to three drug trafficking offenses within the Sinaloa Cartel structure last June, according to the Efe news agency; But in the end, the court sentenced her to only 36 months in prison.

The 32-year-old woman is charged with trafficking in cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana, conspiracy, money laundering and participating in transactions with a foreign drug trafficker. She is also accused of helping Chapo escape from the high security prison of El Altiplano in 2015, through a tunnel that connected his cell shower with a safe house.

This was the capture of El Chapo’s wife

Video Emma Coronel dancing
PHOTO: Instagram

Video Emma Coronel dancing. Emma Coronel was arrested last February at Dulles International Airport, in Virginia. The wife of El Chapo Guzmán, with whom he has two twin daughters, before being arrested, enjoyed a life with all kinds of luxuries and trips around the world.

Coronel’s guilty plea hearing was the first major federal court hearing in Washington where members of the press were received in person. Coronel, wearing a white mask, answered questions from US District Judge Rudolph Contreras through a Spanish interpreter while wearing a green prison uniform, CNN reported.

The relationship between Emma and El Chapo occurred when she was 17. Video Emma Coronel dancing

The relationship between Emma and
PHOTO: Instagram

Their marriage was, for many, bulletproof and also that of other women. Emma Coronel Aispuro was 17 when she was crowned queen of the Coffee and Guava Fair in the northern Mexican state of Durango. There he met Guzmán Loera. It was love at first sight, according to versions of those who were there.

Guzmán was determined to be his queen. Monica Cano, a Mexican psychologist and criminologist, who for several months interviewed Guzmán in prison to prepare his criminological profile, told CNN: Emma Coronel, apart from being the mother of his twins, she was the love of his life. He mentioned it this way: “That woman drives me crazy. And yes, he is the love of my life “.

The luxurious tastes that Emma Coronel gave herself from time to time

The luxurious tastes that Emma Coronel occasionally gives herself
PHOTO: Instagram

At a birthday party for her twins, it was reported that she spent half a million pesos. In another of the parties that he gave them, and that he shared on the social network Tik Tok, you can see an ostentatious decoration of a themed party of the doll Barbie, which was organized for the twins’ seventh birthday.

In the same social network, he shared a large and luxurious party held at a farm. Various luxury cars can be seen, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Audi and Porsche. In another of the clips shared by Coronel Aispuro, he also showed a luxury car from the Mercedes Benz brand, from the AMG line, which can cost between 1.1 and 1.7 million pesos.

Emma was completely sorry for her actions

Emma was completely sorry for her actions
Photo: Instagram

Video Emma Coronel dancing. Addressing the judge, Coronel apologized for his mistakes and said he did not want his twin daughters, from his marriage to Guzmán, to grow up without their parents. The 64-year-old former Sinaloa cartel chief was sentenced to life in prison in 2019.

“I show my sincere regret for all the damage that may have caused”he said before the sentence was known. “I am suffering as a result of the harm I caused to my family.”added. Judge Contreras responded: “I hope that you will raise your twins in a different environment than what they have experienced to date. Good luck”, as reported by CNN.

Confirmed, Emma pleads guilty to jury

CONFIRMED, Emma Pleads Guilty to Jury
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Emma pleaded guilty to helping Guzmán both smuggle drugs across the U.S. border and execute his dramatic escape from a high-security Mexican jail, a maneuver that involved a self-propelled motorcycle on rails, a watch with a GPS device. and a tunnel of about a kilometer and a half in length, which was dug up to the shower of his cell. Millennium.

Coronel, who has dual Mexican and American nationality, has been, like her husband, a figure in public fascination for a long time, a role that she has often incited with her ostentatious lifestyle and a no-interference attitude. siege of paparazzi.

Various evidence was gathered against Emma Coronel

Several evidence was gathered against Emma Coronel
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Although it is unusual for law enforcement to go after the partners of drug figures, prosecutors at Guzmán’s trial offered substantial evidence that Coronel, in her early twenties, was deeply involved in her husband’s criminal business. .

According to what was broadcast on CNN, they presented BlackBerry messages that clearly showed that Coronel had helped Guzmán to carry out illicit operations, sometimes together with his father, Inés Coronel Barreras, who was one of her husband’s main lieutenants and was arrested in 2013 in Mexico. Filed Under: Video Emma Coronel dancing.

The complicity of “El Chapo” and his wife is confirmed

The complicity of
PHOTO: Instagram

At the trial against Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, Dámaso López Núñez, who was once his chief commissioner, told the jury that Emma Coronel had tried to help her husband escape from prison again, after he was recaptured in the year 2016 and they returned him to the Altiplano Prison.

According to López, Coronel devised a plan to bribe Mexico’s highest prison official, but before the plan could be executed, Guzmán was extradited to the United States for prosecution. As part of her agreement with the government, Coronel agreed to hand over about $ 1.5 million of the illicit proceeds from her husband’s illegal operations.

Emma Coronel was sentenced to 36 months in prison

Emma Coronel was sentenced to 36 months in prison
PHOTO: Instagram

Although he admitted that over the years he had helped him distribute at least 450 kilograms of cocaine, 90 kilograms of heroin and almost 90 tons of marijuana to the United States, he received a relatively less sentence in part because of his role in drug smuggling. .

“The defendant was not an organizer, leader, boss or other type of manager,” Anthony J. Nardozzi, a federal prosecutor, told the court. “Rather, she was a cog in a fairly large wheel of a criminal organization.” CNN. Following Coronel’s arrest, speculation spread widely that she, like many of her husband’s former allies, had decided to cooperate with the authorities.

The bottom line in life for Emma

The bottom line in life for Emma

Video Emma Coronel dancing. Coronel’s attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, called the allegations that she had cooperated with the government “garbage,” adding that they had endangered his client’s life. “I don’t know if he will ever be able to go home to Mexico,” Lichtman said.

The Sinaloa Cartel remains one of the most powerful criminal groups in Mexico, even in Guzmán’s absence. It is said that he is run by an uneasy alliance between his sons, one of his brothers, and his longtime partner, Ismael Zambada García; all of them have been charged in the United States. EFE. Filed Under: Video Emma Coronel dancing.

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