The Matrix Resurrections failed to stand out on US HBO Max

The Matrix Resurrections has not achieved success in its premiere in HBO Max United States. Although its launch was one of the most anticipated, its arrival a few days ago in theaters and simultaneously on the streaming platform in the US, became the “disappointment” of the season.

After many delays due to the global pandemic and changes in the schedule of Warner Bros., the long-awaited fourth film in the sci-fi saga has failed to meet the expectations of many fans.

Even the rating that Matrix 4 has received from critics is below what was imagined. Since until the moment of writing this information in AmericanPost.News, has 65% of the experts, while the audience has given it 63% on the Rotten Tomatoes portal.

The Matrix Resurrections did not top the success of Godzilla vs. Kong

Matrix 4 did not achieve the expected rating / Photo: AS

On the Deadline portal, it was reported that Samba TV, an independent organization that analyzes ratings and statistics of streaming platforms, found data indicating that the film starring Keanu reeves Y Carrie-Anne Moss it was seen on 2.8 million Smart TVs in the United States during its first five days on HBO Max.

Although it is an approximate figure and has not yet been confirmed by the company itself, it would mean that the premiere of The Matrix Resurrections failed to stand out above other films such as Godzilla vs. Kong, who made 3.6 million in the same time, becoming at that time the most successful premiere of the platform.

Apparently, releasing Neo’s new movie both in theaters and streaming on the same date was not a very successful idea. However, we still have to wait for the official audience figures to be published in about a month.

How long does The Matrix Resurrections premiere on HBO Max Mexico?

Although for now no exact date has been set for the premiere of the fourth installment of Matrix on HBO Max Latin America and Mexico, it is expected to arrive by the end of January 2022. So the people who decided not to go to the cinema to see this film, will have the opportunity to enjoy it from home.

Notably, The Matrix Resurrections reached $ 22.5 million in its first five days in commercial theaters in North America, and is that its premiere on the big screen was “overshadowed” by the arrival of the film Spider-Man: No Way Home which has become the highest grossing of this year, with $ 81.5 million in North America alone.

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