The meme with which Chumel Torres made irony about Tenoch Huerta’s tweet

Chumel once again ironic with the denunciations of racism made by Tenoch Huerta (Photos: Instagram / @ chumeltorres / EFE)

Once again, the Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta fueled the discussion about racism on social networks, this time it was launched against shopping malls and “fifís” places, which he caused to harass and follow dark-skinned people during Christmas shopping.

The beautiful time of year has arrived in which the black ones will be followed in all the shopping centers, they will ask us for the purchase tickets and they will check the bags; they will ask if our debit cards have a balance and they will look at us with distrust every time we enter fifís places ”, the actor wrote through his official Twitter account.

The reactions to Huerta’s words were diverse, some agreed with the statement made by the actor from Narcos: Mexico, claiming to have experienced such actions; while others pointed out a alleged “victim” attitude.

(Photo: Twitter / @ TenochHuerta)
Tenoch once again revived the issue of racism in social networks (Photo: Twitter / @ TenochHuerta)

Among the latter was the driver of The Pulse of the Republic, Chumel Torres, who true to his style shared a meme and ironized on the statement of the actor.

With a gif of Santa claus, clear reference to the December times, made allusion to the popular “JO JO JO” and then continue with some questions asked by security guards in shopping centers, especially those that have been reported for harassment, the same ones that Huerta referred to in his message.

JO JO JOVEN where are you going with that bag in this mall !? If he paid it !? To see your credit card? You cloned her you bastard, right? ”Torres wrote almost a day after Tenoch’s statements.

Chumel Torres Tenoch Huerta
Chumel Torres ironic with the complaint that Huerta launched on Twitter (Photo: Twitter / @ ChumelTorres)

However, this is not the first time that both have faced each other, it should be remembered that on May 16 the content creator called Tenoch “frustrated” after he assured that Mexico is a racist country that denies being racist, but in which the rights and access to opportunities have been limited to people with dark complexions, thus becoming a structural problem that permeates at various levels.

Reason why Chumel wrote: “If we could turn Tenoch’s frustration into energy, we would become Sweden in a week”.

On that occasion, for Chumel’s controversial tweet placed Tenoch’s name on trend markers, of whom other people have also expressed mixed comments, because while many users support the visibility of the fight against racism that the actor has undertaken for some time, others have severely criticized it derived from Chumel’s tweet.

Huerta has been criticized by certain Internet users, as they assure that referring to as “White trash”On some light-colored people, it is not the best way to counteract racism and discrimination.

Tenoch Huerta and racism
The video made the point that reverse racism does not exist, due to power dynamics (Photo: YouTube / Extended Version with Tenoch Huerta)

Their dispute, in fact, dates back to when both characters participated in the forum. Racism MX, where the speakers explained different points of view around the problem that has prevailed over the years to ridicule the different conditions of citizenship in Mexico.

Forum “Racism is not a joke ” It happened after the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred) canceled the event titled Racism and / or classism in Mexico because the controversy prevailed around the presence of Chumel Torres within the guest panel.

I am a huge fan of political incorrectness, not so much because I amuse myself to be a transgressor but because it makes me the most horizontal way of making everyone’s humor. I try to make jokes of anyone and especially the sketches are designed like a spider web and it is very fragile to go from a joke to a hateful comment, “he mentioned.

In contrast, Tenoch Huerta asked to promote new discourses in all the narratives that do not privilege the aggressions towards conditions “of which (the people) are not guilty”.


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