The memes erupted after the elimination of Tigres in El Volcán

Despite the fact that Tigres seemed that they were going to achieve the epic comeback in El Volcán, Atlas reacted and with a penalty in the last breath of the match completely extinguished the illusions of the university team that was left empty-handed in an exciting match that ended 4-2.

From glory to mockery in a second. This was the transition that Tigres went through when, being less than a minute away from achieving glory, all the hopes of Miguel Herrera’s team collapsed and the networks let him know, because they did not forgive the disaster that began as a magical night.

Despite the fact that Gignac became an absolute benchmark and sealed a Hat-Trick in the game leading the comeback, there were many silly mistakes that cost Tigres elimination, such as the expulsion of Nahuel Guzmán a few minutes after the end of the match and the lack of intelligence at the time of granting the penalty in the last minute of extra time.

Finally, and after the meeting, social networks exploded in ridicule and memes for Miguel Herrera’s group who went from touching glory to becoming the laughingstock of the Liga MX Closing Tournament.

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