The merenguera Olga tañón boasts a sexy bikini at 54 years old!

Olga Tañón shows off her figure in a bikini.

Photo: Joe Buglewicz. / Getty Images

If someone who was one of the true “curvy” Latinas without telling them and without promoting them in that way, that was the merenguera Olga Tañón. Without fear of anything, heA beautiful Puerto Rican showed off a great bikini from the edge of a pool that left many with their jaws on the ground. Let us remember that lThe singer is 54 years old, but with a figure and energy that any young woman could envy.

With a cell phone in her hand and a bikini in fuchsia and orange tones, Olga Tañón showed off the 50 pounds she got off her. Just recently he revealed the problems of being overweight that he had and few knew that he suffered. The merenguera said she weighed almost 200 pounds and that she ate hidden and uncontrollably and then tried to vomit. Fortunately, she educated her mind and body and now we can see her showing off this great body that is the delusion of many.

Despite being a very strong woman, Olga tañón He spoke very sincerely recently of these imbalances that he had. Being in the middle of the entertainment and trying to look like many of the canons have shown is very hard, especially for the Latin woman who has curves and who has always been considered “overweight” for the simple fact of having more curves. pronounced. This added to emotional problems, it can be a powerful mix as indeed it happened to the singer.

But still and so slim, Olga Tañón she’s never been afraid to show herself as she is. Even during the pandemic, he showed, like many, his gray hair. He also showed cellulite on his legs without any complexes. There is no doubt that for “The Woman of Fire”There is nothing that stops her and encourages her to be better helping, with her testimonies, those who need it.

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