The messages of Ricardo Montaner and his wife Marlene before Ricky’s wedding with Stefi Roitman

Marlene, Ricardo, Ricky and Sofía, before the big event (Instagram)

These are special moments for the Montaner clan. In a context of strong emotions, shortly after Evaluna and Camilo they announced that they are expecting their first child, Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman They prepare to secure their love. It will be with an impressive celebration with more than 400 guests in a farm in the Exaltación de la Cruz area, about 80 kilometers north of the City of Buenos Aires.

In the hours before, Ricardo Montaner and his wife Marlene They shared their joy and feelings on the networks before the big event. The author of “I am happy” recorded a video on his Instagram account, in which he referred to the imminent event that is keeping the family and much of the entertainment world in suspense. “A beautiful day today, very emotional. Full of love and emotions of all kinds: happy, nostalgic. We are preparing for a very beautiful family event, which is Ricky’s wedding with Stefi ”, he pointed out, walking in a natural environment, close to where the celebration will take place.

Then the former jury of The Argentine voice he justified himself by staying somewhat away from virtual communication. “It is a very happy reason, because we are here experiencing a wonderful family moment. May God bless you ”, the musician closed with an informal look, before going through the dressing room to check in for the event.

For his part, his wife Marlene Rodríguez shared a photo album with a meaningful text for their son: “A cycle is closing in my life, it is an important cycle my firstborn is getting married, the first from the second litter and the last to marry“Said the woman, and recalled what she had experienced at her children’s other weddings. “When Mau got married it was very strong for me, he was my little one, the one in the next room, with the other three the transition was smoother because they no longer lived at home, with Eva my little pompIt was like the accompaniment to put into practice what we had spoken a thousand times ”, he expressed, before returning to the man of the day.

Marlene Montaner Ricky Stefi
Marlene, Ricardo and a little Ricky (Instagram)

“And now Ricky, although he does not live at home with him, this stage is closed, there are no more weddings to set up, and each one has his own path, his own nucleus and in me the absolute tranquility that everyone is with whom God decided. . It makes me happy and gives me guava but the truth I have to say: “good job,” he closed. Along with the text, she attached some photographs of different stages of her bond with her son, from the time she was breastfeeding him, through moments of her childhood to the present, about to say yes to Stefi.

Precisely the bride he shared a video in the preview and made it set to music by Christina Perri’s “A thousend years”. The post he made on his social networks begins with images of the pre-wedding that they celebrated in an exclusive bar in the Recoleta neighborhood on Thursday night. And it continues with images of the couple traveling in the van to Exaltation of the Cross, where they get married this Saturday starting at 16. In addition, they are seen accompanied by a friend and a friend.

The one in charge of filming is the Argentine actress, who in addition to showing her friends, and her future husband, who is sitting behind her, shows herself. And she cannot help but express the smile she has for these hours before giving the most important yes of her life, after more than two years in a relationship with Ricardo Montaner’s son.


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