The Mexican Baseball League announced its start date with several changes

The Mexican Baseball League announced the start date for the 2022 season. Photo: Archive

Photo: Sebastian Laureano Miranda / Imago7

A new season of the Mexican Baseball League (LMB) has been announced with certain changes regarding the duration of the tournament and the number of games that each team will play. This campaign that It will start on April 21, 2022, It will consist of 90 games for each organization, that is, 24 more than the last tournament that only had 66 matches per team.

“The voice of ‘playball’ It will start on Thursday, April 21 at the Casa de los Toros de Tijuana, champion team, and on Friday, April 22, all the clubs in the League will jump to the diamonds, “said the league in a statement.

It should be remembered that due to all the problems that came with the appearance of Covid-19, the LMB decided that in 2021 a shortened season of 66 games would be played for each team.

Hoping that in 2022 the health crisis will be even better, the League has decided to play a total of 810 games, which will be played between April 21 and August 7, that only in their regular season.

“I appreciate the encouragement and collaboration of all the presidents to define the key dates for the 2022 season in order to have adequate planning that will benefit all of us, fans, broadcasters and sponsors,” said the president of the LMB, Horacio de the Vega.

The LMB All-Star Game is back

To the joy of the fans, the LMB was not satisfied with extending the calendar but also, announced the return of the All-Star Games after a year absent. The venue for the meeting will be the Acereros stadium in Monclova.

For its part, the circuit will continue with the format of 12 teams qualified for the postseason, six from the south zone and six from the north, who will play four phases in the postseason, a first ‘playoff’, zone and championship series and the ‘King’s Series’, which will define the new monarch.

The Bulls of Tijuana starred in one of the best moments of last season when they rallied from three straight losses in the final series against the Lions of Yucatán and added four wins in a row to win their second LMB title.

What was done by Tijuana, which had among its figures the Dominicans Fernando Rodney and Leandro Castro, It was a feat that had not been seen since 1971 when the Charros de Jalisco they were the first LMB team to come back from 3-0 in a final.

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