The Mexican goes to the doctor for Matteo

  • Alejandra Espinoza confesses what happens to her son
  • The Mexican actress is worried about her little one’s sore throat
  • He had to go to the doctor to take action on it

Alejandra Espinoza son doctor. The Mexican presenter and actress Alejandra Espinoza has been showing concern in recent weeks, this due to the health of her little son Matteo. The celebrity tells that her son has been showing a sore throat, a condition that sometimes goes and sometimes comes.


Through a video shared on the Univisión Famosos Instagram account, you can see the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2007 recounting the experience she had to live next to her son Matteo, who has shown discomfort in the throat for what they had to go to the doctor.

Alejandra Espinoza goes to the doctor to check her son

Alejandra Espinoza son doctor
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The concern he had was so great that he had to take the little one to the doctor, to make sure that the problem was not greater: “The only thing we did was make sure that everything is fine, to be able to take action on it. That sore throat is from when you don’t want to do things, ”said Alejandra Espinoza.

After going to the doctor, everything seems to indicate that the discomfort in your child’s throat is not a major problem. Causing greater tranquility in the Mexican actress and her followers, who are aware of what she shares on her social media accounts, where she updates her son’s health status.

Alejandra Espinoza son doctor: Everything under control

Alejandra Espinoza son doctor: Everything under control
PHOTO Instagram

Even in her Instagram account, Alejandra Espinoza shared a statement where she mentions that she went to the doctor and the good news did arrive for the presenter and model: “It seems that we are in the park, but no. It is the doctor and everything is under control thanks to God ”, wrote.

It should be remembered that recently the Mexican said that she had the scare of her life, when her son Matteo was drowning when he was eating a brownie and juice. The six-year-old in desperation asked his mother for help, which caused the biggest scare in his life.

Alejandra Espinoza son doctor: Reaction of the followers

Alejandra Espinoza son doctor: Reaction of the followers
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Immediately the followers showed their concern for the health of the family of the Mexican actress and model and began to leave their messages of support and encouragement for Alejandra. It is worth mentioning that many users appreciated that the six-year-old is already much better.

“They look so beautiful and tender, God bless them”, “beautiful, GOD bless and protect them always, amen”, “they are super beautiful, God bless and protect them”, “so beautiful and precious that child”, “hello How are you, beautiful friend? Kisses and successes for you and your family friend ”, were some of the comments.

Alejandra Espinoza son doctor: “It is a pleasure to have Matteo as a patient”

Alejandra Espinoza son doctor: "It is a pleasure to have Matteo as a patient"
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It is worth mentioning that some Internet users mentioned the excellent service of the doctor where Alejandra Espinoza went to check her son for the discomfort in the throat, which sometimes it gives him and other times it does not. Even the doctor himself took the time to comment on the Mexican’s post.

“Thank you!!! It is a pleasure to have Matteo as a patient. Matteo with his personality and cheerful character makes my work day not feel like work. My patients teach me a lot and leave me stories and tales that give me a perennial smile at the end of a long day. Blessings and may God bless them and their family, ”the doctor wrote. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

Alejandra Espinoza son doctor: The terrible experience that happened

Alejandra Espinoza son doctor: The terrible experience that happened
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Before it was known that Alejandra Espinoza took her son to the doctor for a sore throat, she told her followers on Facebook one of the scariest experiences in her life. The host of Nuestra Belleza Latina commented that her six-year-old son Matteo went through a scare when he was eating a brownie and juice during a flight they had to Puerto Rico.

The six-year-old boy began to drown during the flight and the only thing he could tell his mother was to help him; She, faced with the despair of the child, did not know how to react. Fortunately, it was only a great scare and it was left to tell it as an anecdote, since a few minutes later, Matteo was in perfect condition.

“He had never experienced a scare since he was born”

"He had never experienced a scare since he was born"
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The young presenter narrates in the video the moments of panic that happened during that flight. She says that the boy was eating a piece of brownie and drinking apple juice, when he noticed that he spit out the juice in the form of vomit and for a moment, he believed that it was just reflux, when the reality was completely different.

“In one of those, I feel that he moves forward, he pushes himself forward and takes out what he has in his mouth. Spit out the juice, spit out in the form of vomit ”, narrated the host of Nuestra Belleza Latina. “I turn to see him and say ‘are you okay daddy? Are you okay?’ and I see everything red, red, “said the presenter to the camera of her device, remembering the experience that happened. Filed Under: Alejandra Espinoza son doctor.

“Help me”

"Help me"
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For Alejandra, that moment will always remain in her memory, since the words her little one mentioned froze her completely. The six-year-old boy found himself choking on his own saliva, not knowing how to react; The presenter tells that she froze and did not know how to help her son, since it is very different when the person you want to help is your own son.

“Oh no, I remember and it gives me a little something on my chest,” Espinoza mentions in the video he published. “And he says: ‘help me.’ Oh no! You don’t know, it was horrible, because I couldn’t breathe, ”the woman commented on the experience she had gone through over the weekend, which left her a great lesson and at the same time, she learned how to react. Filed Under: Alejandra Espinoza son doctor.

“I react very quickly”

 "I react very fast"
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Faced with the difficult moments that she lived, the young woman did not know how to act with her little son. Alejandra comments that she tends to react quickly with other people, but this time it made such an impression on her that she did not know how to act with her own son, so the anguish continued for several minutes.

“I consider myself a person who reacts very quickly, at least I react very quickly, when it comes to others. If someone is in a pool, I throw myself “, mentioned the television presenter before her followers, since she had not gone through such a situation before. “But it had never happened to me with the child, it had never happened to Matteo,” she said, still affected. Filed Under: Alejandra Espinoza son doctor.

“Time stopped me”

 "Time stopped me"
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Alejandra tells her followers that at that moment she did not know what to do. Although a couple of friends and her husband were on the plane, the woman had no idea how to react to what her son was experiencing; she froze to the point of not being able to speak to her partner to inform him of what was happening, she was simply lost.

Time stopped me. He didn’t know what to do, he didn’t know where to throw things. Hannibal was in the back and couldn’t speak to him; I couldn’t take off the belt, ”she details in the clip she shared, letting it be known that the situation took a couple of minutes. In which he did not know how to react and that it was difficult for him to assimilate until he managed to remove the child’s belt and start patting him on the back. Filed Under: Alejandra Espinoza son doctor.

“Mom, help me”

"Mom, help me"
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Matteo was able to get out of that state, although he was extremely scared. The nurse had helped him and suddenly a doctor approached, who was the one who began to guide him in his breathing, so that he could regain his calm; the child could not calm down and even in that state of panic, the only one he wanted there was his mother.

“Then a doctor arrives. A doctor approaches and tells her to breathe, just breathe. We already knew he was fine, Matteo was already breathing, but the boy was very scared. Matteo was very scared and told me ‘Mom help me, Mom help me please, help’ and then he began to pray, “she commented quite anguished, before that moment of pure terror that she lived.

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