The Mexican host will not return to the show

  • Host of “Hoy” announces that she will not return to the program for a sad reason
  • On the verge of tears, Sugey Abrego gives sad news
  • This because it was eliminated from “The Stars Dance Today”

Sugey Abrego cheers father. The dance competition of the morning show “Hoy”, becomes increasingly fierce, being the second season of Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy, the most beloved celebrities are eliminated every day. On this occasion a beloved driver had to say goodbye to the competition and surprised with her message.

A moment of tension was experienced at the end of the program when the host Sugey Abrego made an announcement when she was eliminated from the dance competition. The Mexican actress and politician also announced at the end of the broadcast that she will not return to the morning program for a sad reason, according to the Heraldo de México.

Sugey Abrego will not return to the Hoy program for the health of his father


Almost on the verge of tears and in front of all her colleagues while saying goodbye to the competition, the collaborator mentioned that she would no longer be available to attend the “Hoy” program. This is due to the fact that a loved one is in poor health and will attend to take care of him, since he is not going through a good time.

Immediately, before the sad news that the Mexican offered to her colleagues, users and followers began to show their concern for the driver and about whether someone will take her place in the program. So far no one of the members of the morning show has said anything about it.

After being eliminated from the competition, Sugey Abrego makes an announcement about her father’s health

After being eliminated from the competition, Sugey Abrego makes an announcement about her father's health

It should be remembered that a few months ago the Las Estrellan Bailan en Hoy competition began with the long-awaited second season where celebrities are invited to show their best dance steps. It is worth mentioning that Sugey and Toni showed great talent for dancing, winning over the public.

During the entire dance competition, Sugey and Toni were the most beloved competitors, but unfortunately the votes this time were not in their favor and they had to leave the program. This week the couple was eliminated, however, what struck were the statements of the driver at the end.

Sugey Abrego will attend to his father’s health

Sugey Abrego will attend to his father's health

The moment and tension was when the driver Raúl “Negro” Araiza mentioned that both Sugey Abrego and Tony Garza, favorites in the competition, had to leave due to the poor performance they had this week. Both artists thanked the public and the Mexican broke the silence.

The actress said with great sadness that it is her father who is going through a difficult time: “I want to share with you that my father went into surgery”, at that time Raúl Araiza told her that there was a play-off to try to keep him on the program, So the Mexican remained firm in her decision: “I have to be with my dad,” added the driver.

“I no longer wanted me there,” said Sugey Abrego when he left for the health of his father


After being eliminated, the Mexican artist shared her first words in an exclusive interview: “I feel very happy, because I am showing other skills. I’m leaving when I had to go and above all respecting what the public wants, and that is very valuable. For me it was time to go, “said host Sugey Abrego.

“There were many adversities, I suffered the change of a partner, adaptation, I have a lot of pain in my body and it was already necessary to leave, knowing that we were not loved by the judges. And even if we had good grades, they always sentenced us. At least I no longer wanted me there and that was evident, “added the actress. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

The host of ‘Hoy’ could not take it anymore and cried in front of everyone

Galilea Montijo cries in 'Hoy'
YouTube: Today

The host of the program “Hoy” Galilea Montijo, has not had a good time in recent months and it is that everything has been joined to the Mexican who now in the middle of the ‘Hoy’ show broke down crying and leaving everyone frozen with a message that while it wouldn’t confirm anything that’s been said about her lately, it does leave everyone thinking that something might be true.

It was through the ‘Hoy’ program that Galilea Montijo was moved for a moment between Niurka’s daughter and her dance partner, who took the opportunity to unburden herself of so many things and send a meaningful message to all the public who see artists as something unattainable.

Are you breaking from so much pressure?

Today he raises suspicions with Galilea Montijo

The host of ‘Hoy’ rejected the recent versions in recent days, which had circulated about her possible departure from the morning and from Televisa, in the face of the scandal of supposedly linking her with Inés Gómez Mont, with whom she has a friendship of many years and who is on the run of justice for alleged money laundering and links with drug trafficking.

On this occasion, conducting the dance competition segment within ‘Hoy’, Galilea Montijo took the opportunity to vent: “At home, our only intention of the people who dedicate ourselves to the world of entertainment is to bring them a moment of distraction regardless of the problems that we have every day because we are like you humans… ”, he began assuring through tears. Filed Under: Sugey Abrego Health Father

Are you moved by the contestants or by what happens to your friend Inés Gómez Mont? Galilea Montijo goes bankrupt

Galilea Montijo cries for Inés Gómez Mont?

Although she has tried not to give her version of the scandal of her friend Inés Gómez Mont, Galilea Montijo has been linked to the diversion of money of which the blue-eyed woman and her husband are accused, given the possible and supposed thousands of pesos spent in travel and luxury clothing and accessories that even the host of ‘Hoy’ ‘would have touched’.

“We bathe, laugh, cry and have problems, so thank you for this moment that made us live, thank you for reminding us that we are human, we are happy clowns that it shocks us to cry but that is true, we suffer every day, but above all we are grateful of being who we are… ”, said the host of Hoy to Niurka’s daughter, Romi Marcos and her dance partner for a story the boy told about his mother. Filed Under: Sugey Abrego Health Father

Don’t believe the driver of Hoy her pain?

Galilea Montijo 'Today'

The comments for the host of Hoy were directed to the fact that they did not believe her tears: “Gali the hypocrisy walking and your crocodile tears, at least I do not believe you and your desire to get ahead is not done this way you always work hard to get ahead not doing what you did and do “,”Galilea crocodile tears … You don’t even know how to clean your image … Jail for you !!! ”.

“That girl shouldn’t be in jail?”, “Galilea spoke with a lot of feeling”, “I think she was moved by herself by what is happening with her husband !! Now they do remember that they are human beings when they see that they can go to jail just like any human being but before that they feel unreachable, I’m sorry Gali but it’s the truth .. “,” Oh Gali, exactly you are the one who had forgotten That you were human, you thought you were unattainable, untouchable, and that’s not the case … ”, they gave the driver of Hoy hard in the video. Filed Under: Sugey Abrego Health Father

What Happens to the Life of Galilea Montijo?

The driver of Hoy cries

HE RESIGNED THE POLITICAL POSITION THAT HE WAS HOLDING. It was announced that Fernando Reina Iglesias, who is the husband of the host Galilea Montijo, resigned as Treasurer in Atizapán, State of Mexico. Following the announcement of the resignation, rumors have emerged about what could be the reason for his retirement.

One of them is due to the relationship with Inés Gómez Mont that has been done to them in recent weeks. The couple were close friends of Inés and her husband, who are being accused of money laundering and diversion of funds; For this reason, Galilea and Fernando began to be related to the most controversial couple in Mexico. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF GALILEA MONTIJO’S CRYING TODAY Filed under: Sugey Abrego salud padre

Galilea Montijo’s husband in trouble?

Photo: Instagram

According to SDP Noticias, the resignation of Fernando Reina Iglesias, who is the husband of the television presenter, Galilea Montijo, from the position of treasurer in the municipality of Atizapán de Zaragoza in the State of Mexico, was announced. The news was surprising, after the possibility of the couple being related to the case of Inés Gómez Mont and her husband, Víctor Álvarez Puga, was announced.

The news was surprising, after the resignation of Galilea Montijo from the morning program ‘Hoy’ on Televisa was announced. She mentioned that it was an exit for health reasons since she was’ sick for life. According to the driver, her illness is part of the collateral damage after COVID-19. Filed Under: Sugey Abrego Health Father

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