The M&M’s replace their characters’ high-heeled shoes with sneakers

Mars Wrigley, maker of the popular M&M’s candies, has made changes to the appearance of the characters that appear in their ads.

the most notable is the substitution of high heels for sports shoes in one of its female characters, and placing one pair of lower heels on the other.

Speaking to CNN, Anton Vincent, president of Mars Wrigley North America, said the new look is designed to make the female characters more “representative of consumers.” It’s “a subtle hint,” he said, “but it’s a hint that people really get.”

The male characters also have minor footwear changes, including new shoelaces. These changes have already gone live online; the packaging of M&M’s it will be updated later this year, according to the report.

Vincent also addressed the gender imbalance in the line of chocolate characters where there are two female and four male characters.

Adding two new female characters is more problematic because it means adding two permanent colors to their mix. Instead, the company said that will give its female characters a more prominent place in ads to give “a little more gender balance”.

Sales of high-heeled shoes decreased

The changes in the footwear of the female characters of the chocolate brand reflect broader social changes.

Sales of high heels have been declining at a rapid rate, even before the pandemic, as women increasingly prefer more comfortable styles such as sneakers.

In the second quarter of 2020, sales of high-heeled shoes fell 71%, according to the research firm NPD Group.

Some have speculated that an earlier drop in high heel sales was related to the #MeToo movement and allegations of sexual harassment, as women choose to dress more comfortably rather than be sexually attractive to men.

Still, the shift to more casual dress and work-from-home culture has only exacerbated this trend.

A study by market research firm NPD Group, which tracks shoe brands, showed Crocs as the only brand to increase sales by 14% in March 2020 according to The Wall Street JournalIn addition, the search that consumers made on Google for rubber shoes has reached a peak in the last 15 years.

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