The most anticipated moment: Freddie Freeman and Ronald Acuña Jr. show their union with a big hug

Acuña and Freeman – Photo: Dylan Buell/Getty Images

This Friday, Los Angeles Dodgers visited the Trust Park of Georgia to face the Atlanta Braves, an important moment, that marked the return of Freddie Freeman to his former home. However, that was not the main issue. The first baseman experienced the most anticipated moment of the year, after hugging Ronald Acuña Jr. on the first base and thus making it clear that there is no problem between the two.

In the middle of spring training, the Venezuelan spoke with the Dominican Yancen Pujols during a live session on Instagram, and in mentioned that Freddie Freeman was very tough on him and he wasn’t going to need him on the Atlanta Braves.

From that moment on, many wondered how the reaction of both would be when they met again on the pitch, and from today, everything has become very clear that they continue to have a good relationship despite the words of the Venezuelan.

Both players said a few words at the initial and shared different hugs, all this after the Venezuelan negotiated a walk at the beginning of the first inning in the meeting between two championship candidates.

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On the other hand, Freeman was reunited with the fans that supported him for more than a decade and with whom he enjoyed a Major League Baseball champion ring last season, after beating Houston Astros.

Likewise, Acuna Jr. will continue to maintain a friendship that for many is very important in The Majors and more so when both acted as true leaders in the Atlanta Braves in recent campaigns.