The most controversial technical knockout: Boxer listens to the opening bell and kneels to give victory to his rival

In an unusual event in boxing, this weekend the boxer Newfel Ouatah he was knocked out without taking a single hit, as he practically gave up upon hearing the opening bell.

As soon as the fight started, Ouatah placed one knee on the canvas and raised his fist.leaving those present puzzled, including the referee, who approached him to ask what was happening, to which the boxer He replied that he would not fight, so the end of the fight was decreed and the victory for Simon Kean by way of technical knockout.

The Montreal Casino was the venue for this curious event that took place last Saturday and that has gone viral on social networks in recent hours, as it was called one of the biggest busts in boxing history.

Kean was the favorite, as he came in with a record of 21 wins and 1 loss, with 20 wins coming via chloroform, while the boxer who lost the fight came in with a record of 18-4.

Once the result was decreed, the public booed and the winner apologized, assuring that he had nothing to do with Ouatah’s decision, who was insulted and branded a “coward” on social networks.

Why did the boxer decide to kneel down and not want to fight?

Moments after the fight, it transpired that Newfel Ouatah, 36, decided to avoid the fight, since that morning he received a letter from the French Boxing Federation, in which they made it known that if he got into the ring, he would do it without health insurance and that no one would be held responsible in the event of a tragedy.

This because of he fought just two months ago and, according to the regulations of the French body, to which it belongs, he had to spend six months inactive to receive the necessary permission to have a new fight.

“Just this morning (Saturday) I received a letter from the French Federation telling me that I did not have insurance in case of any misfortune in the fight and that they would not be responsible. In boxing there are those who have many privileges, I am not one of those. If they saw me kneel, it was as a protest, “he confessed to ESPN.

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