The Most Draga: Maca Carriedo will be the host of the “Fifth Wave”

Burying all kinds of speculation, the first trailer for ‘The Most Draga 5’, the popular reality show that will expose the best of national drag and that has undoubtedly been highly anticipated.

With the advance we were also able to see the look of the confirmed participants, that is, Liza Zan Zuzzi and Fab Desires.

As if that were not enough, in the auditions for the fifth season, the production gave an open letter to Latin American talent, all due to the success of having C-Pher in the previous broadcast.

Maca Carriedo will be the host of the fifth season

Although practically she was already confirmed as a driver, Maca Carriedo welcomed the fifth season of this contest and without a doubt caused a revolution in networks.

In previous seasons we had as conductors Lorena Herrera, Vanessa Claudio, Karla Diaz and recently Robert Carloeach printing their own seal.

La Más Draga When does La Más Draga 5 start?

Lethal, Jhony Carmona Y Yari Mejia return as judges to this edition, in addition to presenting the trans activist Raquel Already Rogerthe musical theater actor whom we know from his role in liedrags.

This season is expected to return with special guests and new challenges, which will allow the drag talent of the participants to be exploited.

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When does La Más Draga 5 start?

When does La Más Draga 5 start?

will be the next tuesday september 27 When the popular reality show returns through the YouTube channel and as it happened in the previous seasons, it will be at 9 at night.

As you will remember, the contest seeks to expand Mexican drag and promote the work of femininas, the same ones where figures such as Sophia Jiménez, Rudy Reyes, Raga Diamante, Madisson Basrey, Iris, Mista Boo, Eva Blunt, among many others.

In previous seasons of ‘The Most Dredge’ we saw crowned Deborah the Great, Alexis 3XL, Aviesc Who and recently Rebel Morkwho stood out for their unique style and drag personality.

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