The most handsome man of 2021, Paing Takhon has been sentenced in Myanmar

Myanmar (before Burma) continues to experience moments of political and social tension. And now, it has again generated controversy since the actor, model, and singer Paing Takhon, 25 years old, was sentenced to three years in jail in the said territory because he participated in pro-democracy demonstrations after the military coup in the Asian country in February.

The celebrity’s legal counsel, Khin Maung Myint, revealed that on Monday, December 27, Takhon was sentenced to “three years in prison with forced labor” by a Yangon court. Now, the family analyzes the possibilities of appealing the ruling.

The famous Burmese’s condemnation comes a day after he was chosen as the most handsome man of 2021 by the entertainment site TC Candler. Paing Takhon took first place internationally, the actor Chris Hemsworth in second place, and the singer of BTS, Kim Tae-Hyung, “V,” achieved the third position.

Myanmar persecutes celebrities who have demonstrated.

The Burmese actor was arrested while fighting for democracy almost a year ago / Photo: Daily Advent.

Paing Takhon is just one of several celebrities arrested in Myanmar. Even the actor and model has been listed as a “political prisoner,” and his fans have requested his release on social media.

Earlier this year, Takhon participated in the mobilizations of repudiation of the military coup and shared images on social media with calls like: “Help us stop crimes against humanity.”

As a consequence of his activity, the artist was arrested in April and was never released, so now he will have to spend three more years behind bars, in addition to having to do forced labor.

Violence is on the rise in Myanmar after the coup.

The coup in that country has increased violence against the population that has been demonstrated / Photo: Univisión.

According to the Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners, since the protests against the Myanmar coup began, at least 1,382 people have been killed in the country. In contrast, more than 11,200 have been arrested, as we have told you on American Post News.