The moving message of Alejandro Fernández for Vicente Fernández in the National Auditorium

Despite his father’s medical situation, Alejandro Fernández continues on tour (Photo: Instagram / @ alexoficial)

Alejandro Fernandez took advantage of the forum of his presentation in the National Auditorium to request a prayer for his father. The Mexican regional singer could not deny that the situation is very delicate and was said waiting for a miracle after the relapse of his father, Vicente Fernández.

“I think this is one of the most difficult nights and I think that love and music is medicine. I’ve always believed in miracles“Commented” El Potrillo “in the middle of his concert in the so-called” Coloso de Reforma. ” Alejandro recalled that his father has been on that stage and asked for best wishes, according to the video retrieved by Come the joy.

At the moment of the speech, the screen behind Alejandro Fernández showed a portrait of “Chente”. Those attending the musical event responded with fervor to the ranchero singer’s request and did not stop clapping. The interpreter stressed that the affection of his fans will reach Guadalajara, where his father is hospitalized. Spectators joined the shout of “Chente” while “El Potrillo” pointed the microphone towards his fans to catch his song.

Despite the serious situation, Alejandro Fernández demonstrated deep professionalism by holding his two pending dates at the National Auditorium in Mexico City. Both on December 9 and 10, the singer asked for a prayer to the health of “Don Chente”.

“Don Chete” had a respiratory problem (Photo: EFE / Francisco Guasco) (Francisco Guasco Francisco Guasco /)

On his first date in Mexico City, “El Potrillo” commented: “We are going to need a lot of your prayers and your good vibes. Thanks to all the people who have been upset, family, friends, fans, for writing, for giving good vibes and wishing that my father recovers. We are also in that ”.

In addition, the singer confessed that his family is very believing. “We expect a great miracle, which can only be done if everyone gets together and makes all this effort. A loud applause, come on! ”, The son of“ Don Chente ”shouted euphorically.

Pending medical updates, Alejandro Fernández will appear at the Telmex Auditorium in Guadalajara as part of the postponed dates of your tour Made in Mexico. The interpreter of I set out to lose you Y It does me so much good he will return to his homeland next December 18 and 19.

Alejandro Fernandez
Part of the Fernández family (Photo: Instagram / @ alexoficial)

It was Vicente Fernandez Jr. who confirmed that his father is, again, in poor health. The information that the singer of Divine women Y Here between us He had respiratory complications when, supposedly, one of his lungs had a fault.

When asked in the morning Come the joyVicente Jr. acknowledged that the situation is serious. Without revealing further details, the singer also reported that there will be a new medical report in the next few hours. This will be published on Vicente Fernández’s Instagram, as has been done since his hospitalization months ago.

It should be noted that the Fernández family has not denied that the new relapse of “Chente” has to do with his lungs. However, they have been sincere about the criticism of the moment.

PHOTO: Instagram
Medical report issued on Instagram (Photo: Instagram)

Reporters from Come the joy, prior to their meeting with Vicente Fernández Jr., they interviewed a doctor in charge of the health of “El charro de Huentitán”. Although he did not comment much, he also concluded that the singer’s health is in a difficult time.

The last report that was given, in the voice of Vicente Jr., explained that his father he’s sedated and reports a slight stability, but the condition is still classified as serious. According to journalist Flor Rubio, part of the TV Azteca morning, “El charro de Huentitán” is already undergoing treatment. Vicente Fernández returned to the hospital stretchers since November 30.


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