The moving request that Ale Capetillo made to his brother

The influencer did a question and answer session (Photo: Instagram/@alecapetilloga)

Ale Capetillodaughter of Biby Gaytan Y Edward Capetillo, is very loved by his followers on social networks. In addition, after the young woman she decided to turn her life around and go live in Spainhas shared her daily life and that has brought her closer to her audience.

this timeAle made from his stories of Instagram a dynamic of questions and answers with his followers, in order to establish a closer dialogue with them and wrote: “Tell me or what do you want to know”.

Thus, she shared a message that she received which said: “let your brother visit you” and placed a photo where she is with Edward Capetillo enjoying a moment at a party.

In the image, you can see the daughter of Biby Gaitán adjusting the bow of her family’s suit, while they both smile under the colored lights. In this sense, the influencer also added a message to her brother and tagged it.

“@eduardocapetillog Come to me please“, wrote.

For his part, Eduardo Capetillo responded to his sister from his account Instagram and, after repost her post, she commented: “Yeah, I love you, Al.”

ale capetillo
Capetillo and his brother had a tender moment (Photo: IG @alecapetilloga)

During the questions that the followers asked Ale Capetillo, the question also arose as to how the young woman manages to be in a good mood every day.

Regarding this, Capetillo pointed out that it wasn’t always like that and he apologized for the tangled explanation he gave on that subject:

“No, I’m never in a good mood, I do try to be in a good mood every day, but I’m not in a good mood every day. I just try to laugh, it’s not that I try, it’s that I’m just very simple and I laugh at everything, but it doesn’t mean I’m good every day.

The influencer 22 years old, is the result of one of the most beloved and consolidated marriages in the entertainment industry, since Together with Eduardo Jr., Ana Paula, Daniel and Manuel, they make up the Capetillo Gaytán family. Despite being considered a very united familyat the beginning of the year the young woman surprised to his parents, brothers and followers with the news that he would move to the old continent.

The 22-year-old influencer revealed that she had an accident in Madrid that took her to the hospital (Photo: Instagram @alecapetilloga)
The 22-year-old influencer sent a message to her brother (Photo: Instagram @alecapetilloga)

The young woman has indicated that she moved to Spain due to an interesting job offer of a company, which accepted and began work in early 2021. But nevertheless, has also said that It was a very complicated decision that generated a lot of fear before what could happen, because not only did he leave the university, but he changed countries.

Thanks to the support of one of her friends, the influencer sent multiple resumes to apply for different jobsone of whom offered to interview her in December 2020 and, despite the fact that she he thought he would have to move in the month of Augusther new job required her for January, so she packed her things, grabbed her bags and left.

“For the first time I felt that it was a very important decision in my life that I made without depending on someone else, without depending on my sister wanting to do it, without my parents wanting me to do it, without depending on anything more than me. That’s why I feel like since I made the decision I began to say goodbye not only to my family, but to the Ale from before”, he commented from his channel Youtube a year ago.


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