The murderers of Anakin, a young man dismembered in El Alto, Bolivia, are sentenced to 30 years in prison

La Paz, Bolivia.- The young couple accused of killing Anakin Tancara, 24, in August 2021, was sentenced to 30 years in prison, as reported by the Bolivian Ministry of Justice and Transparency on its Twitter account.

According to the Third Sentencing Court of the city of El Alto, both were convicted of the crime of murder of the young university student and must serve their sentence in the Miraflores and Chonchocoro prisons, respectively.

According to the investigations, the young university student was murdered by his ex-lover Luz Maya and her new partner Álvaro Roberto, both dismembered the body.

Police found parts of the human remains in the San Roque area of El Alto, Bolivia, while Anakin’s torso was found in Luz Maya’s room. According to the police report, the young man was dismembered while still alive.

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The case investigations determined it was a crime of passion since Álvaro asked Luz for proof of love.