The mysterious case of the Beijing worm rain: no explanation yet

A completely strange and unexplained phenomenon alerted the inhabitants of China, it was a rain of worms recorded in Beijing.

A video was disseminated on social networks that dismayed and alerted the population since a rain of worms was recorded in Beijing, China, a strange phenomenon that so far has no explanation.

In the images shared worldwide, vehicles can be seen completely covered with worms while a woman with an umbrella passes by.

The rain of worms also covered streets and houses, and it was said that people had to take shelter to avoid the worms falling from the sky.

However, although several videos and photographs have been published on social networks, the Chinese Government has not confirmed this fact.

The causes of the rain of worms in China

So far, there is no official cause as to why many worms fell from the sky as if it were rain; however, Internet users have created hypotheses about it.

One of them is that it is not worms or earthworms but a strange plant called “Poplar Hair.”

However, there is also the belief that it may be related to the so-called “Full Worm Moon,” which indicates the arrival of the first full moon in March and marks the end of winter.

But among the theories about this strange natural phenomenon in China, it also appears that it may be the beginning of the apocalypse.

Although one of the hypotheses that could be more accurate indicates that the worms were dragged by a whirlwind or whirlwind that, when losing strength, caused the insects to fall from the sky.