The new IMSS clinic in ‘Los Héroes’ in Mérida opened its doors

The Family Medical Unit (UMF) of IMSS It opened its doors and began work on January 3 in the ‘Los Héroes’ subdivision in eastern Mérida.

The head of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, Yucatan delegation, Dr. Miriam Victoria Sánchez Castro pointed out that the opening of this UMF is a very important step for Social Security in the state, as it will benefit users of other medical units.

According to Sáncehz Castro, the new UMF will provide Family Medicine and Specialized Nursing care to an average of 86 thousand beneficiaries, of which some consulted the UMF 50 in Conkal, 14 in Kanasín and 59 in Pacabtún.

As we announced, this January 3, the activities in this clinic came into force and the first patient to be treated was Mrs. Lizbeth del Socorro Muñoz Carballo, who She is a controlled diabetes patient and a neighbor of the aforementioned fractionation.

Doña Lizbeth del Socorro is the first woman to be treated. The clinic is just starting up.

At the moment, only three Family Medicine offices and one Specialist Nursing office have been enabled and it is expected that new offices will be incorporated little by little.

Likewise, it has a program of External Consultations on Family Medicine and Nutrition, PrevenIMSS, NutrIMSS and DiabetIMSS, as well as social work, UNIFILA, family planning, epidemiological surveillance, as well as a Referral and Rehabilitation System.

It should be noted that this UMF receives the name ‘Los Héroes de la Salud’ named in honor of the personnel who were dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Attention in the new IMSS clinic

The clinic is just starting up.

This UMF plans to grant 772 Family Medicine consultations, as well as 252 preventive care per day, which It will be achieved with the collaboration of 198 workers between men and women, of which 45 are medical personnel and 37 are nursing.

The care in the Specialist Nursing will favor the timely detection of diabetes, hypertension, cervical cancer, breast cancer, HIV, as well as high cholesterol, hepatitis or syphilis.

This new IMSS clinic, which is located on Calle 148 between 113 and 119 of the aforementioned subdivision, was achieved thanks to an investment of 186 million pesos in work and equipment.

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