The new James Bond could be a non-binary character

Daniel Craig retired from character with “No Time To Die” (Reuters) (TOBY MELVILLE /)

Daniel Craig’s retirement from the role of James Bond has moviegoers and spy fans wondering for more than two years what direction the saga of the movie could take. agent 007. Will it still be British? Could it not be white? Maybe a woman? Now, the producer of the franchise it left open another possibility: a non-binary character.

The rumors about the successor of the most famous spy in the service of his Majesty are part of a delicate renovation that must bring the character up to date without completely leaving his hallmarks.

One year after the death of Sean Connery, the first James Bond in history, the Scotsman remains the absolute reference of the character and the stick with which those who come behind are judged: Connery shaped a virile hero right down to caricature with his charm and charisma. In the wake of Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore, playing Bond remains one of the most prestigious roles in cinema.

Actors who played James Bond
The actors who played James Bond

“For everything to change, nothing must really change. James Bond has not changed so much “after six different actors,” it is the world that changes, “he says to the AFP Laurent Perriot, specialist of the saga.

Thus, the debate is extensive and growing. Barbara broccoli, head of Eon Productions (which controls the film rights of the saga), spoke about the search for a new character and confirmed that are interested in a male character. This is after the actress Lashana Lynch briefly had the secret code 007 during Bond’s retirement in the last film, “No Time to Die.” This plot twist generated a campaign of insults on the networks against the British actress of Jamaican origin.

“I don’t think we should make films in which women play men,” Broccolo said in an interview with the podcast. Girls On Film. “I think we should do more movies about women. I think Bond will be a man‘.

Lashana Lynch and Daniel Craig (Reuters)
Lashana Lynch and Daniel Craig (Reuters) (HENRY NICHOLLS /)

Asked by interviewer Anna Smith about a “non-binary” interpreter, which is neither considered male nor female and uses neutral prefixes, the producer did not rule out the possibility: “Who knows? I think it’s open. We just have to find the right actor”.

More specific was shown about the chances of choosing a character that is not whitealthough your nationality will almost certainly remain the same. “We want the actor to be British … and the British, as we know, can be many things”.

This could solve another of the doubts that hover over the matter: Choose an actor known as Roger Moore at the time or look for an emerging talent? There are not too many trajectory actors who meet the profile of non-binary, if they do ultimately opt for that profile.

The actor must be “young, strong and seductive, the three fundamental keys. At the time, this guy was a white man but nothing prevents us from imagining a black, Asian Bond … ”, explains French journalist Guillaume Evin, author of several books on the character.


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