The new Netflix movie that will make you go from crying to laughing

Netflix is constantly including new films and series to the platform, this time we present you “The Man from Toronto” a film that will make you go from crying to laughing in two hours.

In AmericanPost.News We inform you that the film is part of the new titles that the platform incorporated and is already in the main trends.

In 120 minutes, the plot will take you into a series of adventures and missions that its protagonists will have to face in the midst of adrenaline, laughter and fun.

What is “The Man from Toronto” about?

What is Netflix’s “The Man from Toronto” about?

Among the releases at the end of the month, Netflix launched this action movie, which tells the story of Randy, who is one of the most fearsome murderers, who is nicknamed “The Man from Toronto” and Teddy, who is described as “disastrous”.

Various circumstances force them to share an Airbnb accommodation and form an unexpected society to survive.

“One is a fearless hitman. The other is an entrepreneur with no luck. They live in different worlds, until misfortune – and a printer without ink – brings them together,” describes the synopsis of “The Man from Toronto” says the netflix description.

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“The Man from Toronto” cast

Among the cast that makes up the new release of the Netflix platform “The man from Toronto” are:

  • Teddy (Kevin Hart).
  • Randy -or The Man from Toronto- (Woody Harrelson).
  • Maggie (Kaley Cuoco).
  • Ruth (Jasmine Mathews).

It is expected that the “man from toronto” become a resounding success for Netflix due to its engaging 2-hour story.

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