The odds that Liga MX teams have of winning the Clausura 2022

The MX League is already preparing for the Closing 2022, especially after the impressive results that were obtained in the Opening 2021, with the first Atlas title in 70 years. But what are the odds that each team will win the next tournament?

According to an analysis by ESPN in collaboration with FiveThirtyEight, there are several Mexican soccer teams that have the opportunity to stand out during the following games. Since 2021 also allowed us to see the “coronation” of the Cruz Azul.

So now, Club Puebla is the team that has not been boasting a Liga MX championship for the longest time. However, everything could be modified at the next sporting event, especially since several teams have already made modifications to their squad.

Percentage of probability that the teams have of winning Clausura 2022

There are several teams that could be the next champions of the League / Photo: Half-time There are several clubs that do not have much chance of winning / Photo: Soy Fútbol

According to the ESPN portal, these are the teams that are most likely to be champions of the Clausura 2022 of Liga MX, due to their performance this year, as well as the changes they have made to players and technicians:

  • Monterrey: 21 percent probability.
  • America: 15 percent chance.
  • Cruz Azul: 14 percent probability.
  • Tigers: 11 percent chance.
  • Saints: 9 percent chance.
  • Lion: 6 percent probability.
  • Pachuca: 5 percent probability.
  • Atlas: 5 percent chance.
  • Chivas: 4 percent chance.
  • Toluca: 2 percent probability.
  • Puebla: 2 percent probability.
  • Cougars: 1 percent chance.
  • Tijuana: 1 percent probability.

Liga MX teams that have zero chances of winning

There are several clubs that do not have much chance of winning / Photo: Soy Fútbol

A few weeks before the start of the Clausura 2022, clubs like Necaxa, FC Juárez, Atlético de San Luis, Querétaro and Mazatlán they would have no chance of winning the championship, according to the Futbol Power Index.

Of the previously mentioned teams, Necaxa is the only club that knows what it is to win in the maximum circuit, although the last Rayos title was in Winter 1998. However, as we mentioned in AmericanPost.News, each of the Liga MX teams could surprise as the matches progress.

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