The odyssey of the foot migrant

As a Cuban and as a person who has had to emigrate, I am deeply moved by the stories of people who have risked their lives fleeing from economic, social conditions or war scenarios that are unimaginable for many.
From my compatriots who died in Caribbean waters trying to reach the United States or Mexico, to the most recent cases of Haitians and Venezuelans crossing the Darien Gap, there are truly Dantesque stories of fear, death, terror, but also; the noblest gestures of help and love for that journey companion with whom there is a common point: the journey through hell on earth.
Each story is particular. Behind each emigrant there is a broken family, a dream to fulfill, a desire to aspire to a better life condition, a desire to find well-being. In honor of this and although we do not agree with exposing ourselves to dangers, it is good to clarify that we are not the ones to judge the decisions of others.
And I say this because I have read with sadness how many people speak on social networks from the purest ignorance, that those who flee their countries in this way do so out of fashion. Only a person who is sick in the head would be exposed to the possibility of not surviving that type of odyssey for “fashion”.
Not all people have the possibility to buy a plane ticket. Even in places like Venezuela, it is difficult to obtain an identity document. And not to mention the visa processes that must be passed to cross through Central America.
Each and every one of these variables play against those who decide to take risks in this way, and they are conditions that only someone with myopia could ignore. Let’s be empathetic.
If we truly care about the lives of these people, then let’s focus our efforts on talking to our loved ones about the dangers of making these types of trips, especially when undertaken with young children. Let’s help spread the word without taking a position of judge, because we are not.
Let us join wills to demand an effective solution from the governments of the region so that those who decide to emigrate by land can do so without continuing to risk their skin. Let’s stop seeing the finger pointing to the sun.
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