The on-screen kiss in “La Original.mp3” adds sizzle to the Emilia Mernes and Tini Stoessel partnership

The collaboration between Emilia Mernes and Tini Stoessel produces a vibrant music video filled with references to pop icons and a notable kiss

In an electrifying blend of dance, song, and visual flair, Emilia Mernes and Tini Stoessel have unveiled the much-awaited music video for their collaboration, “La Original.mp3”. The release has rapidly climbed the YouTube charts, securing the number one spot within a mere eight hours.

Hailing from Nogoyá, Entre Ríos, Emilia’s latest album, dubbed Emilia.mp3, harks back to the electronic pop beats of the 2000s—a fact she’s underscored in numerous interviews. From the decor to the outfits, and through to the lyrics, the album is a curated throwback experience.

One catchy line performed by Emilia stands out as a testament to the album’s vibe: “I’m gonna flow legend like Madonna in the ’90s…. flash pose pose pose look at my face on the cover of Vogue″.

The Revealed Mystery of “La Original.mp3”

The collaboration’s announcement was shrouded in mystery, with initial promotional images showing the artists without their distinctive tattoos, keeping fans guessing. The intrigue only heightened with the official trailer’s drop, which showcased the duo in a kiss—a tantalizing teaser to the fandoms of both artists.

Emilia y Tini deslumbraron con un videoclip inspirado en los 2000
Emilia and Tini dazzled with a music video inspired by the 2000s.

Emilia’s Musical Journey and Tini’s Surprise

“La Original.mp3” is the flagship track of Emilia’s third album, which promises a dozen songs. The artist has previously released albums like ¿Tu crees en mí? and a live acoustic set, Emilia en Vivo, connecting intimately with her fans. Both Stoessel and Mernes enjoy a widespread and dedicated fanbase, both domestically and internationally.

In a candid Instagram live, moments before the video’s release, Emilia shared her excitement with fans. Tini joined the live session, hinting at her imminent performance in Miami and sharing heartfelt words with Emilia: “Oh, and what are you doing here, I was dying to see you on stage. I love you, my friend, I’m so proud to have done this song together. We broke it,” Emilia responded.

Tini kept the excitement alive, stating, “Yes, my friend, we broke it. It was incredible. I love you, I think we are going to show the video clip on the screens, if I can I’ll call you so you can go out from the cell phone”. True to her word, she celebrated the premiere live with her audience in Miami.

An Album in Full Swing

Accompanying “La Original.mp3” are Emilia’s full album tracks, now streaming on digital platforms—with the notable exception of her piece with Nathy Peluso, which fans eagerly anticipate. Hits like Guerrero.mp3, GTA.mp3, and Jagger.mp3, now have “La_Original.mp3” joining their ranks, marking yet another successful release for Emilia, bolstered by Tini’s star power.