The ‘Operation Unicorn’ is ready in case Queen Elizabeth II dies

This morning from Buckingham Palace It was reported that the doctors of the Queen isabel II they were concerned about the Queen’s deteriorating health, and recommended that she remain under strict medical supervision.

Queen Elizabeth II is in the Balmoral Castle, Scotland. This beautiful and historic building has been a residence where royal families from the United Kingdom have come for summer break since 1848.

What happens if Queen Elizabeth II dies?

Although the hope of the world is that the Queen recovers, there is a protocol in the event that Elizabeth II dies, which is called ‘Operation Unicorn’, which would go into effect.

This consists of the suspension of the operations of the Scottish Parliament – the site where the Balmoral Castle is located – which must begin preparations for a state funeral.

English media point out that thousands of people are expected to flock from other parts of the United Kingdom to Scotland, to bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth, probably in places such as Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, the Scottish Parliament itself, the Palace of Holyrood House and St Giles Cathedral.

Later, Queen Elizabeth II could be taken from Aberdeen to Edinburgh on a royal train, which would be heavily guarded by security elements at the service of the royal family.

Elizabeth II, 96, celebrated seven decades on the throne this year. She has handed over more and more duties to her heir Prince Charles and other members of the royal family in recent months.

The AP reported that Prince Charles, his wife Camilla and their sister Princess Anne are with the queen at Balmoral Castle. Prince William is also on his way to Balmoral, as is his brother Prince Harry, his wife Meghan, and Prince Andrew.

Since assuming the throne on her father’s death on February 6, 1952, Elizabeth II has been a symbol of stability as Britain negotiated the end of empire, the dawn of the information age and the mass migration that transformed the world. country in a multicultural society, cites AP.