The peculiar gesture of Chicharito Hernández that they interpret is a ‘recadito’ for Tata Martino who has him banned from Mexico

Photo: Etzel Espinosa / Imago7

On the same night that Mexico’s National Team returned to winning ways after defeating Peru 1-0 in Los Angeles, all-time top scorer Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández scored two goals for the LA Galaxy.

The performance of the Mexican striker and his current footballing form is unbeatable. With yesterday’s two goals, he accumulates 17 goals in MLS, in addition to his contribution of aptitude with the captain’s armband to an LA Galaxy that is fighting to get into the next phase.

Both goals were celebrated in the same way, as a ‘little clown‘; always cheerful and festive on the field, even in his worst moments, Chicharito Hernandez had some words and gestures that have been interpreted on social networks as a dedication to Mexico’s coach, Tata Martino.

An authentic Mexican journalist, Álvaro Morales, also interpreted the message as a dedication, a kind of relief for his good performance and presence in the face of the Mexican National Team’s refusal to take him into account for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

This topic was intensely discussed on ESPN’s Fútbol Picante. Without getting too deep into the mud, Jorge Pietrasanta considered that Chicharito Hernández must “be upset and frustrated because he knows that he is in a good moment to be taken into account.”

He adds that the 34-year-old striker is aware of El Tri’s reality, where the strikers “are either in a bad moment or are not physically fit,” and proof of this was the friendly against Peru, where the winning goal came in the last minutes through attacking midfielder Hirving ‘Chucky’ Lozano.

The words that come out of Hernandez’s lips are “son of your f*****g m****r” in a euphoric and exultant way; the TV cameras showed that, but at no time does he mention Martino. The rest are interpretations due to the context where the event occurs.

But Alvaro Morales says he is sure that the words are a kind of ‘message’ to Tata Martino, who, after the victory against Peru, reiterated that he has a great group of players that “lacks nothing,” which is a complete closing of doors to Chicharito.

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