The Pentagon “captured” a chicken that tried to enter its facilities

The Pentagon, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense (DoD), captured on Monday, January 31, at a hen that “sniffed around in the safe zone” of the building, considered one of the most protected in the world. The case went viral in a few hours and the animal was even baptized as “spy”.

However, the hen was placed under the care of the Arlington Animal Welfare League. They went to the building located in Arlington County, Virginia, near Washington DC, to pick up the chicken and return it to a chicken coop, said the organization itself on its Facebook account.

As we have informed you on AmericanPost.News, The Pentagon is a very secure place and nobody can enter without authorization, even if it is a farm animal. It is said that it is the site where all the confidential information of the United States is kept secret.

The chicken “spy” was named Ethel Rosenberg

The animal was returned to the chicken coop from which it escaped/Photo: Facebook

The Military Times newspaper also reported on the bird’s intrusion into Pentagon facilities. “Did you get lost trying to cross the street? Or is she a spy on a mission to steal state secrets? She keeps her mouth shut for the moment,” the publication specializing in military affairs humorously posted.

While Internet users on social networks named the viral chicken as Ethel Rosenberg, the famous American arrested and executed for spying for the Soviet Union in the 1950s.

Why is the US Pentagon shaped like that?

The building has a particular shape/Photo: Nation

The reason this American building was made in the shape of a pentagon is because the architects thought that that configuration would maximize the use of the available surface.

Since the lot where it was going to be located initially, the Arlington Experimental Farm, had two sides practically finished with that shape. The pentagon headquarters was open to the public until the attacks of September 11, 2001. So now, whoever tries to enter without permission is arrested.