The Pentagon reported that it carried out a “successful” anti-terrorist raid in Syria

The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense.

Photo: File/STAFF / AFP / Getty Images

US Army Special Forces carried out a “counter-terrorist mission” in northwest SyriaHe said Pentagon in the early hours of Thursday.

The Pentagon press secretary John Kirby, it said in a brief statement that there were no American casualties and that the mission was “successful.”

More information will be released as it becomes available, Kirby said.

The attack was carried out in the rebel-held province of Idlib in northwestern Syria, according to The Associated Press.

The Pentagon did not provide details on who or what the mission targeted, or if any enemies or civilians on the ground were killed or wounded. Idlib is home to several of Al Qaeda’s top operatives.

Residents and activists in the area described seeing a major ground assault and US forces used loudspeakers asking women and children to leave the area.

The clandestine operation took place when the group Islamic State he appears to be trying to make a comeback after his effort to establish a caliphate failed in 2019, following several years of fighting in Syria and Iraq.

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