The ‘Piojo’ Herrera disregarded the transfer market and said this about the possible arrival of Bruno Valdéz to Tigres

Miguel Herrera wants to take the transfer market calmly, and despite the fact that he assured that his defense was completedid not deny the possibility that Bruno Valdez could become the reinforcement of Tigres in case Diego Reyes receives an offer from a club in Europe.

Valdéz could be the solution if Reyes ends up leaving the university team, and given that the departure of Carlos González freed up a foreign position, the Paraguayan center-back could be the great alternative. It must be taken into account that there are also rumors that place Valdez in Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia.

Herrera knows that there is a possibility that Reyes could leave the team and more with the recent rumors that link the Mexican with Getafe from SpainHowever, the “louse” made it clear that there is no offer so far, but if it arrives it could be a great investment with which several alternatives can be analyzed.

Nevertheless, the Tigres strategist wanted to ignore the transfer market and let Mauricio Culebro, president of Tigres, take charge since you don’t want to talk only about rumours.

“So many rumors is talking about rumours, we cannot say that we are interested in so-and-so, because they get in the way, the players become more expensive. I prefer to leave it to Mauricio Culebro, he does it well, in the negotiations partI give him my priorities, it is what we need”, explained Miguel Herrera.

“Going after the rumors is giving ball to a rumor that becomes a snowball that you can not stop. The truth is that there isn’t that much of a situation, because we are complete in centrals”, said ‘Louse’.

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