The pleasure of listening to a good book

Far from what happened with the birth of digital books (Ebooks) and the fear that they would replace the printed ones, audiobooks appear not as the third party in contention, but as that brother who came to unite them and with the intention of conquering a niche that was distanced from the pages.
That is why I want to leave you the benefits of audiobooks:

You can listen to it where and how you want. The audiobook is very easy to consume, no matter where you are, you can always listen to that story you chose. You can go in your car, walking, be doing all kinds of tasks and enjoy it. A study by Bookwire and the trends portal indicates that 52% of audiobook listening is done on the way to work (on public transport, while walking or in the car).

Never have time to read?: then an audiobook is perfect for you! A study (2018), conducted in the United States, by the Audio Publishers Association indicates that listeners say that this new way of consuming literature has helped them finish books they had abandoned.

The power of imagination: Are you one of those who thinks that reading will always surpass the movie version of any of the books you have read? For me, reading takes me into a fascinating world, I can imagine the scenes, faces, get emotional with each line. Now I invite you to do the exercise with an audiobook, adding the voice component is simply fascinating! That is if it is a story, now if it is another type of content, the warmth of the voice generates a greater connection in me.

Finally, much remains to be explored in the publishing world, the best of all is that there is something for all tastes, readers who enjoy the smell of a new page, who find comfort reading on their electronic devices and this segment is added, ideal for multitasking people who will appreciate the charm of the narration of the book that they have chosen to be their companion while doing another activity.
For all this, I am very proud to celebrate the release this week of the audio version of my book Flow to not suffer after arduous days of recording and post-production that showed me the importance of modulation and diction in these projects that involve our voice. .

Available at as well as on the rest of the audio format platforms.
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