The Power of Video Marketing: Tips and Tricks for Promoting Your Student Business

Top video formats that captivate audiences, from personal vlogs and tutorials to 360° VR experiences, and level up your marketing game.

Video has always been a powerful marketing tool, from the very first television ad in 1941 to storytelling on social media and professional short films from world-known corporations. According to statistics, video engages viewers much better than texts and images as it appeals to multiple senses at the same time.

So, what formats collect the most loyal and active audience, and what exactly should you show in your videos? Below, you will find answers to all questions. Of course, working on a video will take a lot of time (especially if you are new to this business). But you can always hire essay writers online to save a lot of resources. When professionals are on your side, it will be easier for you to focus on your priorities. In fact, outsourcing is a way to manage it all in today’s demanding world.

What Video Content Should You Film?

To get started, you can analyze the content of your competitors and see which videos get the most response. You don’t have to stick to one type of video. Mix different options and track people’s reactions to understand what you are doing right.


People love to have fun and learn new things. Users just want to relax while drinking coffee or having dinner. Vlogs in the form of personal diaries perform well because of their sincerity. As a result, we become closer and establish trust with our customers.

The viewer watches as the owner of the company or its representative shares their experience with the audience in a relaxed atmosphere. You can film:

  • Q&A when you comment on the most popular requests from followers;
  • Tips on a current topic;
  • Interviews with experts;
  • Tours where you show what your company faces.


These are educational videos where you can showcase the best features of your product or service. Just demonstrate how everything works and how it will help the viewer. You can publish your own video instructions or those sent by clients themselves.

For example, electronics stores can record reviews and manuals for devices, while fitness trainers can record home workouts or do in-depth tutorials on certain exercises. The format is universal and suitable for any niche.

Client’s Experience

If you’re moderating self-development courses or organizing some classes, you might want to share your case studies with your audience. It can be:

  • Analysis of specific situations;
  • Successful cases;
  • Failure stories.

Don’t be afraid to talk about the hard times – share what failure has taught you and what helped you get through it. Present the material as a solution to a problem that worries the audience. 


Interviews with charismatic people help you stand out in a competitive environment. Unlike a vlog, which is unpredictable, an interview requires thorough preparation. It’s important not only to make a list of questions, but also to define taboo topics. At the same time, a conversation with an expert shouldn’t look artificial. The main task is to ensure the guest speaks with passion and doesn’t answer questions like a robot.

Another benefit of the interview is that the invitee can post the video of the meeting on their channel, which will also help you increase reach. Of course, you will need to write a script first, so free up your schedule in advance thanks to the best research paper writing services that are always available to you. By the way, the ability to delegate will surely come in handy in the future.

Shorts & Reels

In 2021, YouTube and Instagram, TikTok’s main competitors, launched their own short video formats. What to show when you only have a minute? You can:

  • Demonstrate something to teach the audience;
  • Demonstrate how to manufacture a product;
  • Tell about your employees and values;
  • Collect the key details of the event and so on.

Live Streams

Live videos are exciting since the audience doesn’t know what will happen next, and must follow the speaker so as not to miss anything. In addition, it is the most interactive and live format. During the video, people can share their emotions with you, ask questions and get answers in real-time. This creates a special feeling, as if you are in the same room with the audience.

You can use it for:

  • Unpacking and product reviews;
  • Broadcast events for those who can’t come;
  • Seminars;
  • Interviews with experts and opinion leaders.


Recorded parts from live broadcasts work as ads. You see part of what the speaker is delivering and understand if you want to see the whole film. The TED channel, for instance, publishes short speeches by people on topics like science, art, psychology, entertainment, etc. Followers can watch such videos on the go. 


Moving infographics, 3D animation, or hand-drawn cartoons are great ways to communicate complex things in a simple way. The method is suitable for creating:

  • Technical manuals;
  • Instructions;
  • Presentations in IT, etc.
Man maneuvring a video camera

Feedback From Customers

Ask your clients to tell:

  • What bothered them before buying;
  • What problem did they want to solve;
  • What results have they achieved with your product;
  • What features they appreciated.

Cafes, delivery services and beauty salons often use this format in their accounts. You can offer a discount on the next visit or order in return for feedback. If you have a sportswear and equipment company, ask your customers to send in videos from their hikes and trips where they use your brand’s products.


Videos from behind the scenes are very lively. They resonate more than success stories. It is always interesting to know the secrets of the workflow and what employees go through on the way to their goals.

Also, be sure to respond to user comments. And don’t be afraid of toxic followers – they still increase your reach by adding a comment.

360° Video

VR videos are something that will really surprise the viewer. A panoramic video is recorded with the help of a special camera. Adobe Premiere will certainly come in handy. This format is great for yoga studios, galleries and exhibitions.

To Wrap It Up

In today’s world, it’s hard to surprise a user with text or a photo. These formats are quite common, but the video doesn’t lose its popularity. It is easy to understand, lively and more real. Plus, our attention span is decreasing every day. Therefore, it is so important to interest the client from the very first seconds and win over them. And the video formats mentioned above will definitely help you do this.