The power of visualizations

Throughout life, we have all experienced situations in which we have imagined something that we longed for, and then it became reality. This is what is known as visualizations, and when used properly, it can become a powerful weapon to make your dreams come true.
My life is the clearest testimony of what it has been like to work in the demonstrations, of putting a daily intention in my day to day, which without a doubt; It has inspired me to work for what I dreamed of as a young Cuban, who has managed to build a career in the media at an international level.
And as I faithfully believe in it, for many years I have dedicated myself to teaching people about the power of creative visualization, because it turns out that all the projects that surround us, the artistic works, the movies or series that we like so much , the most wonderful sports feats, began as a mere fantasy in the mind of another person, who later turned them into reality.
And if others have achieved it, you can also manifest what you dream of and achieve your goals: a new job, a partner, a trip… Whatever you want today.
Thanks to the different investigations that are opening in the field of quantum physics, it is known that our thoughts build our reality. What we imagine can have a great effect on our cognitive processes, which includes our perception, memory and planning.
The best thing you can do for yourself is rely on your imagination to motivate you, because that’s what you do when you visualize: you see in your mind so you can see the future in front of your eyes.
If you were to close your eyes right now and imagine a delicious piece of chocolate cake, I am sure you would see it in your mind in great detail, even though you are not actually looking at it. Your experience and sensory memory are helping you, and so you could fully describe it. With your goals it happens exactly the same.
That yes: you can only imagine what you want. Visualizations should be used to imagine the positive, the good. Using them to think about the obstacles that we do not want to encounter will only cloud things.
Make them part of your life, and you will see how little by little you will begin to see results.
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