The Premier League resumes after the death of Queen Elizabeth II: how was the calendar?

Photo: Michael Regan/Getty Images

After stoppage suffered by the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the Premier League will resume this weekend. That yes, with the exception of three games postponed for requiring greater police protection: Chelsea vs. Liverpool, Manchester United vs. Leeds United and Brighton & Hove Albion v. Crystal Palace.

After a meeting held by the members of the league, it was decided to continue with most of the matches in the competition; regardless of the fact that the funeral chapel of Queen Elizabeth will be open in London on those days, and that On Monday, September 19, his funeral will be held.

Chelsea vs. Liverpool and Manchester United vs. Leeds United were suspended due to the lack of police officers to cover these meetings. For its part, the duel between Brighton and Palace was postponed due to train strikes. And he will remain so, despite the fact that the strikes were canceled due to the death of the monarch.

In this way, seven games of the premier league, after last weekend, from September 10 to 11, the entire day was postponed. Of course, the teams will show respect towards Queen Elizabeth during the games, with minutes of silence, the playing of the national anthem and black armbands on the soccer players.

Football is back in England

It is worth noting that football, in general, resumed in England from the second division down. The English Football League (EFL)which combines the second to the fourth division, returned this Tuesday, as well as the National League or fifth category.

Before the start of these matches a minute of silence was observed and the flags were flown at half-staff. Then the national anthem was played “God Save the King”while the players wore black armbands.

Previously, the Football Supporters Association of England (FSA) He demonstrated for the postponement of the football day. In his opinion, it was a missed opportunity to honor the memory of Queen Elizabeth.

“We believe that football is the best way to unite people in moments as important as this, whether they are moments of joy or mourning. Our opinion is that the majority of fans would have liked to be able to go to the games this weekend and be able to pay their respects to the queen along with the rest of her companions, ”said the FSA.

Seventh day of the Premier

Friday September 16

  • Aston Villa vs. Southampton
  • Nottingham Forest vs. Fulham

Saturday September 17

  • Wolverhampton vs. Manchester City
  • Newcastle vs. Bournemouth
  • Tottenham vs. leicester city
  • Sunday September 18