The president of Honduras tests positive for covid-19 and presents mild symptoms

The President of Honduras, Xiomara Castroannounced this Sunday that it has given positive in a coronavirus test And presents “mild” symptomsfor which it will continue to attend to its “government plan to return to democratic and constitutional order” in the country.

“Yesterday’s PCR (#COVID19) result was negative, today’s is positive,” Castro said on his Twitter account, which has more than 254,000 followers.

The president indicated that, according to the tests, the condition “is mild” and that “with the blessing of the Creator of the universe, I continue attending NO face-to-facemy Government Plan to return to the democratic and Constitutional order”.

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Castro, 62, has not reported whether he already has two doses of the covid-19 vaccine or has already received the third booster.

The former Honduran president and husband of Castro, Manuel Zelaya, overthrown on June 28, 2009, announced on January 11 that he tested positive for covid-19 and that he will remain isolated, although he has no symptoms of the disease.

“No symptoms, but the covid-19 test was positive. I will be isolated for 7 days,” Zelaya said then, who was overthrown seven months after finishing his four-year term when he promoted an illegal popular consultation, according to his detractors.

Xiomara Castro won the general elections on November 28, 2021, with 1.7 million votes, and on January 27 she became the first woman to reach the Presidency of Honduras after being sworn into office.

The Central American country is experiencing an increase in covid-19 infections due to the relaxation of the population in biosecurity measures, according to medical sources.

According to data from the Health Surveillance Unit, Honduras registers 397,548 infections and 10,548 deaths associated with covid-19 as of March 2020 until February 2.

As of January 26, one day before the new Castro government took office, 5,092,343 people had received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, 4,338,329 had the full schedule and 940,332 the third booster.

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