The price of the dollar today and exchange rate January 21, 2022

When starting operations, the dollar price The US trades this Friday, January 21, at an average of 20.50 to the sale and purchase at 20.49 in exchange houses located in the “Benito Juárez” International Airport of the Mexico City.

The exchange rate at the window it is at 20.82 pesos for sale in BBVA Mexico, while Banamex offers the dollar at 21.03 pesos and Banorte at 20.80 units.

Know the price of the dollar for today, Friday, January 21. The price of the dollar for today January 21, 2022 at the exchange rate is 20.49 pesos in Mexico.

Banco Azteca the financial institution in Mexico that offers the cheapest price of the dollar, at 20.19 pesos for sale, according to For its part, the bank that buys the most expensive greenback is Monex, at 21.16 pesos.

Peso-dollar exchange rate and parity

Meanwhile, to make payments of obligations in official institutions, the peso-dollar exchange rate is valued at 20.49 Mexican pesos. In the SAT, the dollar is valued at 20.4507.

As we have mentioned in other informative notes from AmericanPost.News, from Reuters they report that the currency of the second largest economy in America, the Mexican peso, closes with a price of 20.489, The currency is listed in Banco Base at 20.49.

The peso appreciated after touching its weakest level in more than five weeks the day before, but it outlined accumulated losses both in the week and in January while the rise in anticovid-19 infections and the challenges in the vaccination process weigh on the mood of investors.

The price of the dollar for today January 21, 2022 at the exchange rate is 20.49 pesos in Mexico.

This growth gave an annual contraction of 8.5 percent in 2020, being the largest drop in GDP since 1932 with the Great Depression, which registered minus 14.92 percent and the second year in a row that the economy contracts.

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It should be added that, with the annual fall in the fourth quarter, they add up to six consecutive quarters of GDP falls, tying the largest period of setbacks in the record, which goes from the third quarter of 1982 to the fourth quarter of 1983”, he referred.

The euro was sold at the window according to at a maximum of 23.25 pesos, while the purchase is at 23.24 pesos; the pound sterling was offered at 27.81 pesos and was purchased at 27.80 pesos.

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