The princess of pop, Britney Spears, shows up topless

  • Britney Spears appears topless and takes the criticism
  • Days after being released from her father’s tutelage, the singer disappoints showing her body
  • This woman now if the screws were blown off “, said a user

Britney Spears nude. After Britney Spears‘ father finally renounced the tutelage of the singer, which he maintained for 13 years, the famous singer ‘Princess of pop’ surprised friends and strangers by appearing topless on social networks to leave a message about her body.

It was through her Instagram account, where the musical artist decided to pose completely naked, to show off her body, where she is only wearing bikini bottoms. But it did not turn out as she expected, since the critics were present in the post where she shows her figure.

Britney Spears appears topless

Britney Spears nude

It was on August 12 when the news was released that Jamie Spears gave up the rights that were granted to him over his daughter’s inheritance in 2008, when she had a mental health problem for which they determined that she was not he could handle his affairs, according to El Universal.

Since then, a court case began for the guardianship of Britney Spears, where the singer even mentioned that she would cancel some of her scheduled shows and that she would not go on stage again while her father was controlling her.

Britney Spears Nude: Message from the “Princess of Pop”

Britney Spears Nude: Message From The "Princess of pop"

The artist explained the reason why she appears naked showing her attributes: “No guys… I didn’t have surgery on my boobs in just one week, nor am I pregnant. I have boobs in these photos because I devoured food. Before I show you more photos of my body, I want you to understand my thoughts on exposing my skin.

“In my opinion, the immediate response of when a woman is sexy and wants to take off a cape is pretty twisted… no… I’m not talking at a strip club or a performance… just on a practical scale of being in your car and giving you Mind you wear a stupid long-sleeved shirt in the summer, ”he added.

Britney Spears naked: “I wanted to see myself in a lighter way”

Britney Spears nude: "I wanted to see myself in a lighter way"

Then he clarified that he did not share the images so that people could see his forbidden parts, since he assures that in his concerts he has performed this type of act so many times that he sees it as something embarrassing: “but I feel like acting made me overly aware of my body and that’s not attractive,” she said.

“I wanted to see myself in a lighter way, naked, the way I was born and for me, looking back at my photos is crazy the psychology of seeing myself in my purest form, evidence that pain, tears and heavy loads are not what I am. I am a beautiful, sensitive woman who needs to look at herself in her purest form, ”Spears wrote.

Britney Spears naked: her fans did not like her

Britney Spears naked: her fans did not like her

Through the Instagram account of the program Suelta la sopa, they shared one of the photographs that the Princess of Pop uploaded “naked and wrote the following:” Britney Spears poses naked on Instagram because she wants to see herself in “her form purer ”. She told her fans that she now feels “better” getting naked “after developing insecurities about her body throughout her artistic career.”

Immediately the followers were present in the comments to leave their different opinions. What was most surprising was that the majority of Internet users criticized the singer for appearing in such a way, where some even consider it vulgar that she came out in such a way.

Britney Spears naked: “Atime if the screws were blown off “

Britney Spears nude: "Now if the screws blew off"

Get ching… they’re going to take you back to court ”,“ People don’t want to realize, there’s something wrong with that girl ”,“ Good gentlemen, many wonder why the father has custody. Do the little things you do really see normal? “

“This woman now if her screws blew off”, “You can tell she has problems, her eyes are like loss, she is not well at all, not because she comes out almost naked, if that is what most women do today and they feel empowered than stupid ”,“ And then they say why is their father in charge of his fortune or finances why a judge ordered it that way why he is not mentally well and may even lose custody of his 2 children too and she does you know ”, were some comments.

Britney Spears naked: She broke the silence about the injustices she lives

He broke the silence about the injustices he lives

Previously, Britney Spears had exposed her father with the abuses he has done to him for 13 years with the guardianship in which she lives thanks to the fact that since 2008 Jamie Spears was appointed as guardian of her daughter, who currently cannot have decisions of her own or about her career , about your finances and not even your body.

In a scandalous statement before a court in Los Angeles, the Princess of Pop who will turn 40 this year, finally made her voice heard about the abuse that she has experienced for 13 years that her father Jamie Spears practically took control of her life assuring “I am traumatized” narrating some horrors that both her family and her work team have done to her and have her ‘imprisoned’.

He denounced the atrocities that his father has done to him

He denounced the atrocities that his father has done to him

From 2008 to date, Britney Spears is controlled by her father Jamie Spears who has ‘disappeared’ the singer’s fortune estimated at first up to 400 million dollars and now ‘magically’ only with 60 million, when she only They give $ 2,500 a week for his expenses, but his dad gets a hefty commission a month for being his tutor.

The tutelage in which the Princess of Pop lives, who has sold more than 150 million records since 1998, has been extended to exaggerated levels to such a degree that the singer cannot access her money, work from her tours, records, products and perfumes. In addition, she is not allowed to leave her house, have a social life, go for a walk with her boyfriend or even have babies. Filed Under: Britney Spears Nude.

The ‘Free Britney’ movement

The 'Free Britney' movement

Three years ago, a couple of Britney Spears fans started with the ‘Free Britney’ movement, through a podcast they pointed out the strange events surrounding the singer who was always treated as an ‘object’, first sexual and now as a ‘money making machine’, while everyone around her, her family and her work team ‘used’ her.

The fans discovered that something was happening with the Princess of Pop through her social networks, her strange and nervous behaviors in public appearances, the way she was handled by the people around her and the suspicious way her residency of shows in Las Vegas lasted 4 years and it was intended to start with another that was canceled on the grounds that her father was facing colon cancer, which turned out to be a lie, since they had forced her to enter a rehabilitation center, on the grounds that She had not taken her ‘supposed mental disorder’ medications since 2008. Filed Under: Britney Spears Nude.

Finally it was time to speak

At last it was time to speak

After years of not being allowed to speak before the judge (because even her father was the one who appointed the lawyer who defends her and who would agree with him to extend the guardianship and get more money), Britney Spears spoke directly in a call and there were so many things that said that the media impact of the singer exploded.

“I have told the world that I am fine and happy, it is a lie. I am traumatized. I’m not happy, I can’t sleep, I’m depressed, I cry every day ”, were the first statements of the 39-year-old singer who did not remain silent in the face of the abuses carried out by her father and his work team. Filed Under: Britney Spears Nude.

They don’t let her have babies and they have her medicated

They don't let her have babies and they have her medicated

According to information from CNN, the guardianship of Britney Spears’ father has reached unsuspected limits, because when she cannot dispose of her fortune, not even to hire a professional makeup artist or to do her nails, she is not allowed to marry her boyfriend either, the model Sam Asghari with whom she has been in a relationship since 2016 and revealed that she is even forced to carry an IUD in her body as ‘punishment’ so that she cannot get pregnant.

“I wanted to remove it (the IUD) to be able to try to have another baby, but this supposed team does not allow me to go to the doctor to do it because they do not want me to have more children,” he said on the subject and even scandalized, saying that they took away his medicine for five years, and they have her subjected to the drug Lithium: “it was so strong that I felt ‘drunk’ and could not have a conversation,” he said. Filed Under: Britney Spears Nude.