The programs and novels of Yrma Lydya

the tragic death of Yrma Lydya has shocked Mexico, this terrible event has been the most dreamed of topic in recent days on the news. The actress and singer died from three shots at the hand of her husband, which has impacted Mexican families.

In addition, the events occurred in one of the most expensive restaurants in the Mexico Citywhere there was quickly a police mobilization after the detonations and although the aggressor tried to flee, he and his driver were arrested.

Now there are many doubts about the case, but the main one is about who Yrma was and what programs, soap operas or concerts she has been on. Here we will explain a little more about the race of Lydya.

Programs and novels by Yrma Lydya

Yrma Lydya novels and programs Yrma Lydya novels and programs

When she was only nine years old, she began her career, she ventured into ballet, which led her to join the National Dance Company and The Royal Academy of Dance.

Later he decided to try on television and was part of more than 10 soap operas to later venture into six plays.

The famous woman was also featured in several TV shows, such as the following:

  • The Mexican Fiesta of the Canal de las Estrellas (2015, 2018 and 2019)
  • Morning Express
  • The best performing musicians
  • Music Made in Mexico
  • musical blowout
  • Bandmax
  • Night with Carlos Cuevas

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Age of Yrma Lydya

Programs and novels by Yrma Lydya

Programs and novels by Yrma Lydya

Some Internet users have assured that the beautiful Yrma Lydya was 42 years old and not 21, however, on social networks some users assured that the singer, in fact, was 21 years old.

Also, some celebrities, like Sweetwith whom the singer would give a show on June 25 in Los Angeles, they assure that the data is correct and that she was not married to the lawyer Jesús ‘N’, as was said at first, they only had a romantic relationship.

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