The public of Despierta América is delighted with the new curves of Francisca Lachapel

Francisca Lachapel has a month-old baby. Little Gennaro is not even five months old, therefore his famous mother is still struggling to regain her ideal weight, and she has the help not only of her family and specialized people, but also of the public that motivates her to through social media. However, a special phenomenon is happening around the co-host of Despierta América: viewers love her with her new curves.

The followers of the Dominican appreciate that she is a woman with a real body and they see her more beautiful than ever, this is how they constantly manifest it on Instagram, both on their personal page and on the official account of the famous Telemundo morning show.

All of the above has been seen in one of the latest Univision morning publications, Despierta América, in which Francisca Lachapel appears in an impressive fuchsia dress, fitted to the body. This one did not hide at any time the small belly that still has in the lower abdomen, after having given birth. She doesn’t hide it either, on the contrary, she lets herself be seen in all her beautiful splendor. Francisca Lachapel looks extraordinary, simply beautiful. Not to mention her legs, which have always been one of her great attractions.

These are the messages you are receiving Fransica Lachapel by her fans: “So and so without hiding what nature offers after a pregnancy !!”, “But she is more beautiful now wow”, “Beautiful from the Dominican Republic”, “Beautiful”, “She is beautiful. Do not worry. Don’t even mind that little belly ”,“ My God, motherhood made Francisca beautiful ”.

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