The public of Despierta América rejects Francisca Lachapel’s boots. They say they look terrible in that dress

Francisca Lachapel is one of the most precious conductors on Hispanic television. And there are many who consider that he also has a charisma that surpasses the screen. So much so that even when it receives multiple attacks, it always comes out ahead due to the strong defense it receives from its followers, who support it unconditionally.

She is also one of the best dressed on the small screen. It is rarely criticized with intent. Today, for example, the followers of the program on Instagram told him her discontent and rejection, but she made a particular garment, she didn’t.

The followers emphasized that they did not like, at all, the pair of boots with which she accompanied her tight ocher dress. The dress was a success, but the boots did not pass the test of the public, they disapproved them immediately. “Those boots like I don’t like how he looks with that outfit,” commented a fan. “Fatally the boots,” added another.

“The dress looks spectacular, but those boots have nothing to do with it”, “The cute dress but those boots do not fit, it would be better to have small black boots”, “The dress beautiful zero boots ”. And so you read a lot of comments against the dress, not against it.

It seems that Francisca Lachapel has better luck with her Despierta América audience than Adamari López herself with Hoy Día’s. And it is that today those who follow Lachapel rejected her boots, but at no time did they insult her. While with Adamari many fall into cruelty. And now finally they deny their presence. And they even complain about seeing her everywhere, telling Telemundo that they are bored of her.

Thus, the last negative comments from the Hoy Día public for Adamari López: “When it looked like a badly tied tamale, he didn’t screw up so much clowning around, rather, he spent hidden away”, “It can’t be this everywhere”, “How lazy, not again please”, “This is already tired. Adamaris is idealized”.

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