The public reacts to the absence of Jomari Goyso in Despierta América

Jomari Goyso.

Photo: Jomari Goyso / Courtesy

Jomari Goyso is in the city of Los Angeles. Since yesterday he is posting some videos showing him in Hollywood. It is believed that the host of Sal y Pimienta has left his role in Sin Rollo of Despierta América for a few days, because he has been sent to cover the red carpet of the Oscar Awards.

The fashion critic had to be at this great event, which in addition to being the most important award ceremony of the year, is the event in which celebrities can show off perfectly with their best dresses and suits. The names of the most important designers will ring in the microphones of fashion journalists; this is an appointment that Jomari Goyso could not miss.

Now, his absence in Sin Rollo has not gone unnoticed, the fans have let him know: “Precious Jomari, you are missed in Sin Rollo, enjoy your break.” Some apparently believe that the Spaniard is on vacation, we believe that he is undoubtedly in Los Angeles because this Sunday the Oscars will take place and there will be a red carpet. The safety regulations for COVID are already being regularized, and although the use of the mask continues to be requested, they also ask for PCR tests to be able to enter.

In his latest video, on the other hand, Jomari Goyso can be seen enjoying the view of Runyon Canyon Park, California. Some of his followers believe that he is in Puerto Rico, but no, Jomari is in Los Angeles.

His visit to Los Angeles led him to visit the famous alleys. There he talked with several enterprising women, and where he also received a lot of love from Univision fans. Along with the video of him, the Spaniard described the moment with these words: “How beautiful the affection of the public feels! It all started in Los callejones and 10 years later we are still here; humble and hardworking people. They have a history of overcoming and honor”.

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