The reason Nike decided to give its employees a week off

Nike decided to temporarily close the offices of its corporate headquarters in Oregon, United States, to give its employees a week off to take care of their mental health, before returning to the office in September.

From Monday to Friday, the company will be closed, so its employees can rest after a difficult year.

“Take the time to relax, de-stress and spend time with your loved ones,” said Matt Marrazzo, one of the company’s managers, in a message to employees.

The company thus follows the same measures taken previously by LinkedIny the dating app Bumble.

Pandemic tiredness

A growing number of employees report feeling exhausted by the continuation of the pandemic and many continue to work from home.

Big US firms such as Apple, Uber and Wells Fargo bank have also delayed plans for staff to return to the office as infections rise in the country.

Making the announcement last week, Marrazzo told Nike staff: “I did not workn“, and added that the past year had been “tough” and that they were “living a traumatic event“.

“In a year (or two) like no other, taking time to rest and recover is key to performing well and staying balanced.”

“It is not just a ‘free week’ for the team… it is an acknowledgment that we can prioritize mental health and still get the job done. ”

Successful year

This also reportedly reflects the fact that Nike has had a successful year, with a increased sales and an increase in the value of the shares of 20%.

Bumble, the dating app where women are in charge of taking the first step, told its 700 employees around the world to tune out and focus on themselves in June.

A senior executive revealed on Twitter that founder Whitney Wolfe Herd had made the decision “having correctly sensed our collective exhaustion.”

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LinkedIn also gave its workers a week off in April, while the Citi Group said in March it would have “Zoom-free Fridays” to combat pandemic fatigue.

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