The reason why the son of Camilo and Evaluna will not bear the surname Montaner

Camilo and Evaluate Montaner They became one of the most beloved couples. The artists conquered the public with their music and spontaneity and every event in their lives is celebrated by their fans: their courtship, marriage and the announcement of the arrival of their first child, which they did with the release of the song “Indigo” . In the video clip they showed the incipient belly and announced the name, which coincides with the title of the song. A few weeks after birth a new unknown revolves around it and is related to the surname that the baby will bear.

The singers became popularly known by their first names, Evaluna and Camilo, but it is public knowledge that the Colombian’s last name is Echeverry. However, in her case, until weeks ago, it was believed that Montaner was her father, but it was discovered that he was not: in her case, it was Reglero Rodriguez.

Doubts about the identity of the three minor children of the interpreter of “So in love” flew over when Stefi Roitman showed her marriage certificate. The paper indicates that her civil union is with Ricardo Andres Reglero Rodriguez, and not with Ricky Montaner. Given this, many began to wonder the reason that was quickly revealed: the brothers use their father’s popular second surname to follow in his footsteps in the world of music.

In reality, Ricardo is called Héctor Eduardo Reglero Montaner, and to launch his career he chose to use a new name and his second surname.

For this same reason, the baby who will arrive in the family at the end of March will only bear the surnames of his parents and his full name will be Indigo Reglero Echeverry. So far, it is not known if she will be a girl or a boy, since the couple chose to find out the sex at the time of birth.

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