The Red Cross declares the first national blood crisis in the United States due to Covid

The Red Cuz of the USA declared a national emergency for blood transfusions.

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The nation’s medical blood supply is dangerously low, when U.S faces a record of hospitalizations due to Covid and led to Red Cross American to announce a national blood crisis for the first time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a decrease in the blood donation, the cancellation of blood donation campaigns and personnel problems, which has caused worst blood shortage in over a decadesaid the Red Cross. Last year, the Red Cross saw a 34% decrease in new donors.

“If the nation’s blood supply does not stabilize soon, life-saving blood may not be available to some patients when they need it,” warned in a joint statement the American Blood Centers and the Association for the Advancement of Blood and Biotherapies.

Blood centers in the United States have reported a supply of some blood types for less than a daythe statement added.

Hospitals need blood for surgeries, transplants, cancer treatments and chronic diseases, but the Red Cross says that during this historic shortage, there are days when it cannot deliver all the blood products they request to hospitals.

The American Red Cross said Tuesday that the “national blood crisis” is threatening patient care and forcing doctors to make difficult decisions about who can get blood transfusions and who should wait, and is urging people to donate blood.

“Winter weather across the country and the recent surge in COVID-19 cases are compounding the already dire situation facing the blood supply,” said Dr. Baia Lasky, medical director of the Red Cross. “Please, if eligible, make an appointment to donate blood or platelets in the coming days and weeks to ensure that no patient is forced to wait for critical care.”

Incentives to donate blood

The Red Cross is asking donors of all blood types, but specialtype O mind, make an appointment now to donate in the next few weeks. Too is looking for volunteers to assist with blood donation drives and transport blood products to hospitals.

The institution explained that donors may also consider reserving additional appointments in advance, since while “the availability of units may be affected, the need for blood remains constant.” Blood cannot be manufactured or stored, he added.

As an incentive, the Red Cross is partnering with the NFL this month, which is National Blood Donor Month.

People who donate blood, platelets or plasma will automatically participate in a chance to win a package including two tickets to Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles, California, admission to the official NFL Tailgate, tickets to the Super Bowl Experience, round-trip airfare to Los Angeles, hotel accommodations for three nights (February 11-14, 2022), plus a $ 500 gift card dollars for expenses.

An appointment to donate blood or platelets can be made through the Red Cross Blood Donor app, on the organization’s website, or by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS. There are also regional and community blood banks throughout the country.

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