The return of the ’10’: Chivas will have Alexis Vega in the playoffs against Puebla

The return of the ’10’: Chivas will have Alexis Vega in the playoffs against Puebla

Vega is already training with his teammates to play on Saturday.

Photo: Sandra Bautista / Imago7

The moment has arrived that nobody wants to lose and the key players must respond on the field. The repechage will start and Alexis vega confirmed that he is ready to command the attack of Chivas this saturday against Puebla.

In the Cuauhtémoc stadium the second playoff of the day will be lived, when Puebla receives the Chivas de Guadalajara at 10:00 pm from the east and 7:00 pm from the Pacific. And for the visit the good news fell of having the left winger Alexis Vega.

“I feel good, already training at the same level without any discomfort. I played against Mazatlán infiltrated and that’s why the reason why I gave up several workouts. Right now I’m ready to play on Saturday ”, confirmed the attacker to Clear Brand.

In Mazatlán he entered at 57 ‘and gave the assistance for Zaldívar to bill the only goal of the victory that the Sacred Herd conquered on the last day of the Apertura 2021.

He is aware of how complex the visit to the Strip will be and takes on the challenge with the greatest responsibility.

“We know that we had a tournament with many ups and downs, we know that now we have a very complex opponent who will be at home. We are calm, we know that if we win we are in the Liguilla and that in the Liguilla it is another tournament ”, said ‘Gru’.

Regarding the comparison between the process of Víctor Manuel Vucetich and Marcelo Michel Leaño did not want to enter into controversy and highlights his current coach: the page. We played all 17 games in 90 minutes ”, he closed.

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