The rival of the deceased African boxer who threw punches in the air confessed that he has contemplated taking his own life

Simiso Buthelezi, 24, went viral three days ago after a fight against Sipheshile Mntungwa He began throwing punches “into the air” and became disoriented in the middle of combat and later died of brain injuries after spending several days in a coma.

His rival, Sipheshile Mntungwa, revealed during an interview that he has received dozens of threats and has been harassed due to what happened with Buthelezi and even confessed that he has thought about taking his own life.

“I just can’t take it anymore. I have one thing left: I’m going to kill myself. Even my neighbors have posted very ugly messages about me on social media. I am no longer safe. I didn’t kill Simiso; we may have been involved in a boxing match, but it wasn’t a matter of life and death,” the boxer told Sowetan Live, an African portal.

The boxer has said that this title would help him to be better off financially, but now they call him a murderer, when it is something that could have also happened to him.

“All I wanted was to win the title, which might help change my life and my family’s. I’m the only one who works at home where I stay with my younger brother, my aunt and their children,” he said.

The life of the African boxer has not been easy. He lost his mother at a young age and also does not live with his father, so getting this title was important to get out of living precariously and have a better lifestyle, but now everything has become complicated.

“My mother died when I was four years old, my father is still alive, but we don’t stay with him. So winning that title was going to help me financially.. But people have called me a murderer. It could have been me. Without a doubt Simiso’s family is going through pain like any other family,” she added.

The images show how Buthelezi manages to hit his rival and knocks him down on the ropes in the tenth and final round, but after the referee orders him to stand down, the African boxer looks disoriented and even goes into a corner and starts throwing punches into the air.

The boxer was rushed to the Durban Hospital in South Africa, but after two days hospitalized he died.

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