The roof of a building in Miami Beach falls and neighbors are forced to evict it for fear of structural damage

Residents of a Miami Beach apartment building have had to evacuate because authorities declared their structure was unsafe after part of the roof fell in.

Police gave residents 5 hours to grab what they could and leave, in many cases not knowing where to go. “We are all in a struggle to figure out what to do. It is not the first time that a madness has occurred that has affected everyone in the building, so I think it’s normal for people to be upset about that,” explained José Maldonado, a neighbor who has been forced to leave his home due to this situation.

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The building is located at 700 Euclid Avenue and officials made the decision to declare the building with possible structural damage after a partial collapse of the roof in the area where the building’s electrical systems meet.

“The roof collapsed and a lot of water entered,” said Melanny Aoas, another resident of the area affected by the evacuation. The electric company FPL, for its part, has cut off the power supply to avoid greater evils but the biggest problem is the neighbors that, with a considerable increase in rents, finding a place to live is now practically mission impossible.

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“We are stressed. We have a dog and we have a lot of food that he just bought. I don’t know what to do”, commented another neighbor.

So far, it is unknown what caused the partial collapse. of the roof of the four-story, 54-unit buildingbut residents pointed out that the water damage may have been caused by the rain that hit the area last week.

The authorities, for their part, they are still investigating about it.